Blog - February 1, 2024

Warzone season 2 first patch notes: Fortune’s Keep, Respawn Rank, more

Modern warfare 3 repeat of Battlefield launched with two main Resurgence environments, but that group of maps is about to get a familiar face in part two.

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Fortune’s Keep is the star of the show Battlefield Season two. The Resurgence map only ran for four months at the end CoD vanguardits life cycle, many players missed out on the opportunity to dive in and explore the vibrant and unique island.

Raven Software is bringing Fortune’s Keep back for another go, with the added bonus of a Resurgence-exclusive Ranked Play mode. Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming season and what to expect.

Battlefield early season 2 patch notes

Fortune's Keep LighthouseFortune’s Keep will play an important role in part two. Image via Activision

Part two brought back Fortune’s Keep but an explosion ripped through the island and changed several POIs. This map contains several new gameplay features, such as limited-time contracts that challenge zombie-killing teams, zombie power-ups, and a new team-wipe tracker.

Besides, Battlefield The ratings revival is expected to launch shortly after season two premieres and will be hosted exclusively on Fortune’s Keep.

Warzone Rated Respawn

First time in Battlefield history, players will be able to play Ranked in Resurgence when the mode becomes active during the launch of season two. Battlefield Resurgence ratings use the same system as by WZ2 Ranked play with a few new tweaks.

The game mode only supports Trios and is exclusive to Fortune’s Keep. Certain Handguns, single-shot sniper rifles, all launchers, snake shooters, Dragon’s Breath, etc. are prohibited in Ranked Games. Players progress through seven Skill Subgroups by earning Skill Ratings (SR) before earning a spot in the Top 250. Positions, kills, and assists all earn SR, and SR points are increased based on on the number of remaining teams.

Meanwhile, the deployment fee will deduct SR at the start of each match, and players also lose SR each time they die during a round. At the end of each season, players are moved back three levels and earn rewards based on their highest Skill Group.

Fortune’s Keep returns Battlefield

This version of Fortune’s Keep takes place decades after we last saw the map in Battlefield Pacific. Activision explains that the Konni Corporation moved underground to conduct laboratory experiments, but it went horribly wrong and resulted in an explosion that changed the entire map. Some POIs have broken or damaged buildings that look different, but previously there were some new map elements. Fortune’s Keep now has three drawbridges that players can manually control, and there is a valve in the Winery that allows players to flood the building if they wish.

Seismic events also lead to zombies appearing across the map, and a new time-limited contract challenges teams to prevent the outbreak from getting worse.

Fortune’s Keep also features a Rogue Signal public event that pits teams against each other in a 90-second objective-based mission. For example, teams will be asked to get the most kills, deal the most damage or open the most archives, the winning team will receive a random reward, with a chance to become a Wonder Weapon from Modern war zombies.

Increases the strength of zombies

In the spirit of zombie-themed season, Battlefield is adding seven limited-time Zombie Power-ups. Players can find them by opening caches or eliminating enemies, and the power-ups are marked with a green light just like the power-ups in MWZ.

Here are all seven zombie power-ups coming soon Battlefield season 2.

  • Double points: Duration 60 seconds. Double your loot and ground kills, and score points in Respawn events (contributes to teammate respawn timing).
  • Full armor: Instant buff. Completely fills your active Armor slots upon receipt.
  • Maximum Ammo: Instant buff. Refill all your carry weapons with ammo upon pickup.
  • Compete: Duration 90 seconds. Discount on all items in the store for a short period of time.
  • Pillage: Duration 60 seconds. Add bonus items to the cache, with a very high chance of bonus Common items and a small but significant chance of additional Legendary items.
  • Zarkour: Duration 60 seconds. Increases movement speed by approximately 25 percent, with Tactical Sprint and Infinite Recharge while Sprinting, and negates Fall Damage.
  • Zombie scene: Duration 45 seconds. Operators or AI enemies in your field of vision are highlighted in red, and friendly teammates are in blue. Footstep tracking is active.

Line deletion streak

Warzone Spot Cleaning SquadSquad Wipe Streaks are the latest evolution of nuke streaks in Warzone.

Instead of chasing nuclear trails in Battlefield season two, content creators, professional players or highly skilled competitors have a new method to showcase their talent. Squad Wipe Streaks tracks the number of consecutive team eliminations in a given period of time.

After the team kills the first team, teams have 90 seconds to take down the next team. The cycle will continue if the player destroys a team within the set time period. After each shot, a white flame shoots up from the last enemy, showing the enemy team your location for 10 seconds. Squad Wipe Streaks will not be included in Ranked.