Blog - February 1, 2024

Warzone season 2 adds Fortune’s Keep, Resurgence Ranked Play, etc

Battlefield season two is making some quality of life changes, bringing back Fortune’s Keep and introducing Ranked Game Mode to Resurgence.

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Modern warfare 3repetition of Battlefield went live at the beginning of season one. Throughout the battle royale’s first month and a half, we’ve seen a number of different weapon types rise and fall, strange glitches appear and disappear, and popular features be added back, e.g. like the Champions Quest nuclear contract.

Luck holds WarzoneThere is a retractable bridge in Fortune’s Keep. Image via Activision

As we approach season two, Raven Software hasn’t pulled any punches and delivered a slew of new content for its first major seasonal update since launch.

Battlefield The ratings revival is coming in season 2

Ranked Respawn doesn’t launch at the start of season two, but Activision notes that the mode will launch during the season launch sometime before the mid-season update.

Below are a few key parameters for the game mode.

  • Minimum rank: 55
  • party size: Triangle
  • Map: Where to keep luck
  • Restrict public events: Firesale and Restock take place in fixed circles
  • Vehicle restrictions: There are no vehicles with turrets
  • Limited game elements: Correct
  • Adjusting the purchasing station warehouse: Correct

There are seven standard Skill Classifications in the game mode and a Top 250 for Ranked Respawn. Players progress through the Skill Division by earning SR, which is earned through placement, kills, assists, and kills within your team. SR points increase based on the number of remaining teams, and the deployment fee will deduct SR at the start of each match.

Fortune’s Keep has been re-added Battlefield

Fortune’s Keep will look different from what seasoned veterans remember. The announcement blog explains this version of the map takes place decades later and the Konni Corporation begins performing mysterious experiments in an underground laboratory. A mistake led to an environmental disaster that changed the POIs on the map.

Linked to the underground lab, there is a new Interim Eradication contract that tasks teams with tracking down zombie nests and eliminating the threat before further outbreaks occur. Meanwhile, Rogue Signal is a new public event that challenges teams to compete in a race to complete goals faster.

Zombies Increased strength

Part two introduces seven Zombies Power up for a limited time to provide a boost to the operator. Below is a list of each power-up.

  • Double points: Duration 60 seconds. Double your loot and ground kills, and score points in Respawn events (contributes to teammate respawn timing).
  • Full armor: Instant buff. Completely fills your active Armor slots upon receipt.
  • Maximum Ammo: Instant buff. Refill all your carry weapons with ammo upon pickup.
  • Compete: Duration 90 seconds. Discount on all items in the store for a short period of time.
  • Pillage: Duration 60 seconds. Add bonus items to the cache, with a very high chance of bonus Common items and a small but significant chance of additional Legendary items.
  • Zarkour: Duration 60 seconds. Increases movement speed by approximately 25 percent, with Tactical Sprint and Infinite Recharge while Sprinting, and negates Fall Damage.
  • Zombie scene: Duration 45 seconds. Operators or AI enemies in your field of vision are highlighted in red, and friendly teammates are in blue. Footstep tracking is active.

Line deletion streak

Squad Wipe Streaks is a new way for highly competitive players to go head to head against each other. After one team completely destroys another team, teams have about 90 seconds to eliminate the next team if they want to start the series. After each team is defeated, a white flame shoots up from the last enemy, alerting other enemies to your location for 10 seconds.