Blog - February 1, 2024

Warzone Resurgence Ranked: Rules, gameplay, Fortune’s Keep and more

Battlefield crusher, get ready for ratings. Demon reincarnation, this one is especially for you: Revival rating is here, offering a new way to rank up in Call of duty.

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Ranked play for Battle Royale won’t launch until “later this year,” but Resurgence mode now has its own ranked variant for fans of the respawning mode on CoD: War zone maps for fun—and it all starts with the return of Fortune’s Keep, a popular map from the first game.

Here’s everything there is to know about War zone Ranking mode revived.

What Battlefield Ratings revived?

Warzone Resurgence Ranked ArtworkReady to grind? Image via Activision

Revival is rated is a competing variant of War zone Resurgence activation mode.

In Resurgence, players fight and respawn as long as teammates are alive and survive a “Resurgence Countdown” that is triggered whenever a player is killed. The mode will now reward points for climbing a ladder through several Skill Groups, where players can earn rewards and bragging rights and climb the worldwide leaderboards.

Battlefield Revival ranking rules

Activision says Resurgence Ratings are similar Modern warfare 3 Ranked play means certain items and weapons will be limited. But in general, here are the basics to know before jumping in:

  • Party size: Triangle
  • Map: Where to keep luck
  • Game mode: The relive
  • Restrictions on public events: Firesale and Restock take place in fixed circles.
  • Vehicle restrictions: There are no vehicles with turrets
  • Limited game elements: Correct
  • Buy Station Stock Adjustment: Correct

Stay tuned for a full list of all the rules closer to the launch of the new ranked mode.

Battlefield Division of revived ranking skills

Warzone ranking skill divisionRanked through them all. Image via Activision

The Skill Division is what needs to be overcome, representing a different tier at different Skill Rating (SR) levels. SR is achieved through placement, kills, assists and team kills, so playing well is generally the best way to rank up through Respawn Ranking.

For each game, the implementation fee deducts the SR and the player must then place good bets to get that amount back and win more, similar to how Battlefield Ranking mode and ranking in Apex Legendsis an example, which has worked in the past.

Here are all the required SRs for each Skill Department:

  • Copper
  • Silvercer (900 SR)
  • Gold (2,100 SR)
  • Platinum (3,600 SR)
  • Diamonds (5,400 SR)
  • Crimson (7,500 SR)
  • Metallic (10,000 SR)
  • Top 250 (more than 10,000 SR)

Battlefield Ranking rewards revived

Warzone Resurgence Season 2 Ranked RewardsGoodies to earn on bragging rights. Image via Activision

Each season will bring new rewards, including cosmetics for reaching different ranks, Skill Divisions, and completing challenges. Some examples are shown above, including the operator interface for each acquired Skill Department.

The top goal is to reach the Top 250 in the world. Can you do it?