Blog - February 1, 2024

Warzone Resurgence ranked game confirmed for season 2

Along with the reintroduction of Fortune’s Keep, Battlefield Part two has a ranked Respawn mode.

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Fortune’s Keep is the star of the show in Battlefield Season two. The island-based Resurgence map is being remade with new POIs and new interactive features, such as a bridge that players can manually retract and a valve that allows players to flood rooms with water. But if the new look isn’t enough to get players excited about revisiting Fortune’s Keep, part two also adds more WZ Ranked Play: Revival.

Warzone Fortune's KeepLet’s go back to Fortune’s Keep. Image via Activision

When does Resurgence Ranked Play start? Battlefield?

Activation confirmed season two begins on February 7 and listed WZ Ranked Play: Respawn is one of the new features included in the update. The developers did not reveal the map, squad size, or rules the mode will use. But if Resurgence Rating Games is anything like what we’ve seen since War zone 2players can expect specific weapon types, kill chains, and equipment items to be banned.

“Let’s see who can earn a spot in the Top 250,” Raven Software said in a repost of their announcement video. The top 250 hint suggests that Ranked Play: Resurgence will use a similar skill breakdown format to of MW3 competitive game mode, in which players receive a Skill Rating based on their performance and progress through seven different categories before finally earning a coveted spot in the Top 250.

Battlefield Players and competitive battle royale fans will still have to wait longer before Urzikstan gets a trio-specific Ranked Play mode.