Blog - February 7, 2024

Warzone leak reveals potential Rebirth Island return date

Data miners reveal the long-awaited return of Rebirth Island Battlefield Could be right around the corner.

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Battlefield season two brought back Fortune’s Keep after the Resurgence map received a lot of praise for a memorable but short run at the end Dut’s cally: Pioneerslife cycle of. The seasonal update also introduces Resurgence Ranked Play, which combines elements from previous competitive game modes to create a chaotic and challenging experience.

Docks POI in Warzone's Rebirth Island mapIt’s a fan favorite. Image via Activision

Treyarch revealed Fortune’s Keep as “our first destination” for Resurgence Ranked Games, implying different maps in the future, one of which is likely to be Resurgence Island.

When does Rebirth Island come to Warzone?

Rebirth Island does not have an official release date yet Battlefield, but Activision has said that it will appear at approx early 2024. “Data miners found multiple references to se_rebirth in the game files,” CoD Insider CharlieIntel reported today, pointing to a third season release date.

Based on the season two Battle Pass, We expect the third season to start around April 3. It’s unclear whether Rebirth Island will receive the same remastered treatment as Fortune’s Keep. Instead of a one-to-one copy, Raven Software transformed the map with environmental changes after a catastrophic event tore through the island and changed the POIs. The developers also added a valve that allows the player to flood the winery’s POI, and multiple expandable bridges that can be controlled to prevent access by operators and vehicles. With those sweeping changes, Rebirth Island could look very different when it returns.

55 days is still a long time to wait for players eager to return to their favorite Resurgence map, but Fortune’s Keep, Vondel, and Ashika Island will at least help fill the void until then.