Esports News - LoL Esports - February 7, 2024

‘Vanguard’ is scheduled to be released in LoL in the future.

Those hoping for anti-cheat software to be implemented in LoL will have to wait a little longer.

Vanguard has been pushed back to LoL patch 14.5.Vanguard has been pushed back to LoL patch 14.5.

Image Credit: Riot Games

Vanguard integration in LoL is being pushed back.

There are growing complaints about players finding ways to cheat in LoL using new scripts that are virtually undetectable in the current system. To address this issue, Riot Games recently announced plans to add Vanguard to the game to significantly reduce the amount of cheating and ensure fair gameplay for the community.

League Studio Head Andrei “Riot Meddler” van Roon made the official announcement during the 2024 LoL Season Preview. If cheating is detected, the system will not only terminate the game but also refund points to the affected players.

It was initially scheduled to be applied to live servers through patch 14.3, but it appears that additional time will be needed to fully implement it.

When will anti-cheat software be released for LoL?

The Vanguard addition was originally scheduled to happen in early February, but Riot encountered a “severe bug with the client pop-up.” With this in mind, game developers are running diagnostic scans on players’ PCs to find and fix issues.

According to the new schedule, Vanguard will be released on live servers in about a month, making way for patch 14.5, which is scheduled to release for Match 6. This means we may be seeing some destructive behavior from players in the coming weeks. Unfortunately).

When VALORANT was first announced, some players were skeptical about the system after it was revealed that it used kernel-mode drivers to effectively detect cheating. That said, the software has worked well so far, significantly reducing the number of unsportsmanlike behavior in Riot’s FPS shooter. Starting in March, Vanguard will have to run in the background whenever you play a major Riot title, whether it’s VALORANT or LoL, unless you’re playing on a Mac.