Blog - February 7, 2024

VALORANT XEROFANG Skin Bundle: All skins, applicable prices, and more

Once again, the developers at Riot Games are ready to launch another incredible product VALUE DETERMINATION skin pack for players to dress up—and this time, it’s got a cool design XEROFANG Collection.

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This new skin pack only has three skins in total, but will feature new sound effects for shooting, reloading, and checking, along with new visual effects and animations. Have three different color variations for each weapon on the base skin, there are characteristics Colors include red, black and white, pink purple and teal.

Here are all the details about the XEROFANG skin pack coming soon in VALUE DETERMINATION.

All interfaces in VALUE DETERMINATIONXEROFANG’s skin pack

As mentioned before, the XEROFANG will appear in Vandal and Ghost, with the knife as a melee weapon. Both Vandal and Ghost are two of the most popular purchases in the game, which can be an incentive for anyone craving a new skin on the battlefield—especially if you’re hesitant to buy the collection Kuronami is recent with its beautiful design and unique finish.


XEROFANG Knife in VALORANTRetractable and effective. Screenshot of Dot Esports


The ghost of XEROFANG in VALORANTSilent but deadly. Screenshot of Dot Esports

XEROFANG the saboteur

XEROFANG saboteur in VALORANTNoisy and destructive. Screenshot of Dot Esports


With the skin line’s sleek design, new sound effects, animations and kill banners all accounted for, the full set you will lose 6,355 VP. When you buy the full set, you also get a free gun buddy, player card, and spray bottle with yellow and red dragons to help celebrate the Lunar New Year.