Esports News - Valorant - February 8, 2024

VALORANT Unveils Amazing XERØFANG Bundle for Lunar New Year

Lunar New Year is almost here, and celebrations will soon be taking place in VALORANT. Riot Games has revealed the incredible XERØFANG skin bundle and the Scales of Fortune event pass in VALORANT, giving fans plenty to enjoy in February 2024. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

With the release of the new VALORANT patch 8.01, a lot of changes have occurred in the meta. Certain agents, like Skye, have been completely nerfed. This significantly reduced her pick rate. The esports aspect of VALORANT may be in a transition phase, but the new skins won’t let the hype die down. For the Year of the Dragon, VALORANT has released the new Scales of Fortune event pass and XERØFANG skin bundle.

What is the Scales of Fortune event pass in VALORANT?

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Image Credit: Riot Games

Waiting for the Lunar New Year, a major Chinese holiday, is an annual tradition for fans. Riot is commemorating the celebration with a number of new features for the game, including the Scales of Fortune event pass. This allows fans to unlock certain titles and sprays in VALORANT after earning a certain amount of EXP. Players can unlock the following rewards in the Event Pass:

  • “Fortune Booster” Title
  • “Fortune Paws” Gun Buddy
  • “Rongki” player card
  • “Delightful Stretch” Spray
  • 20 Radianite Points

These items are available in the level 6 event pass, which works similarly to VALORANT’s battle pass. The Scales Of Fortune Event Pass is available in VALORANT from February 7th to 28th.

Is the XERØFANG skin bundle one of the best skins in VALORANT?

The next piece of content Riot has released for the Year of the Dragon is the XERØFANG skin bundle. This skin consists of animated “scales” on the sides of the gun that react during firing, reloading and animation checks. Exclusive reloading, inspection, shooting, and equipment audio are provided, as well as custom kill banners. There are three color variants for this skinline, each with a finisher based on the variant color.

Additionally, the skin bundle added a new gun friend to VALORANT. When equipped to a weapon, the dragon’s eyes and face glow while the weapon fires bullets.

Weapons included in this skinline include:

  • vandal
  • ghost
  • Melee (CQC style sword)

Each weapon has four levels where you can unlock different sounds as well as finishers. Melee, on the other hand, has two levels. When asked about the design goals for the XERØFANG bundle, Kerwin Atienza, Senior Art Direction Manager at VALORANT, said:

“The previous Lunar New Year skinlines (Cow, Tiger, Rabbit) were closer to the traditional side. For the Year of the Dragon, we wanted to go in the opposite direction and do something more modern and forward-thinking that would resonate with our core audience.”


Image Credit: Riot Games

How much does the XERØFANG bundle cost?

The price of the XERØFANG bundle is 6,355 VP. If purchased separately, the melee weapon costs 4,350 VP. In the bundle, players will receive Vandal and Ghost skins. You’ll also receive a melee weapon with a player card, a responsive gun buddy, and a non-animated spray that can be used in VALORANT.

This bundle is released alongside the new VALORANT patch 8.01, which brings a lot of changes to the meta. Certain agents, like Skye, have been completely nerfed. This also reduced her pick rate.