Blog - February 2, 2024

VALORANT players are bored to death because of Swiftplay map rotation

From the beginning of the year, normal VALUE DETERMINATION players have lamented some of the changes made to the game, including a major adjustment to the active map pool for all opponents.

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IN VALUE DETERMINATION Patch 8.0, Riot Games changed the way individual map pools work for both the casual and competitive game modes, forcing all players in all queues to play on the same pool map in the near future. As a result, side maps like Haven and Fracture are no longer available in any mode, except for custom games between friends.

Lotus map in VALORANT.Are you tired of getting Icebox in every match? You are not the only one. Image via Riot Games

This has caused a major divide among the game’s casual player base, with many disgruntled users stating that they burn out more quickly during play sessions due to the lack of map variety. Above VALUE DETERMINATION subreddit, for example, some casual players were “frustrated at having to end up on the same map three to four times in five to six game nights.”

Players who regularly play competitively also noticed the new changes a bit too much, especially after loading up the casual mode after running a few ranked matches. “I got tired of the current set of maps so I played Swiftplay hoping that I would get other maps, [but] then found out that was no longer an option,” one player said in the Reddit thread. “This mapping system is so annoying, it has to be changed.”

According to Riot, the developers made this change because if there are too many maps to learn, new players may feel overwhelmed. Therefore, a full set of maps will not give those learning the opportunity to adjust to the complexity and strategy that every map offers. However, one solution some players have come up with is to keep the map pool for Unrated and Competitive but give Swiftplay the game’s full map pool.

For players looking to dive deeper into a closer competitive experience, Unrated is a great place to learn gameplay strategies and trends without risking any Elo. Unrated still has a relatively long playtime and has the same economy as Competitive, allowing you to dip your toe into the game mode while still leaving room to learn and experiment.