Blog - February 8, 2024

VALORANT Duo’s Day Package: Everything included, applicable rates, and more

If you have one VALUE DETERMINATION partner you want to pair up with this Valentine’s Day, Riot Games has reportedly given you a cosmetic bundle called Duo’s Day, filled with adorable goodies celebrating love. Here’s everything the leaks tell us so far.

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VALUE DETERMINATION Duo’s Day capsule release date

Player Tags Nanobomb, VALORANTYou also get the same Raze and Killjoy cards as the one above in this pack. Screenshot of Dot Esports

As its theme suggests, Duo’s day capsules are Expected to drop on Valentine’s Day February 14. This is the first time VALUE DETERMINATION is getting a special Valentine’s Day collection, but according to leaks, it won’t include weapon skins. Read on to learn about the expected contents of the Duo’s Day pack.

What is included VALUE DETERMINATION Duo’s Day Capsule Pack?

According to the leak, Duo’s Day will include the following:

  • Duo’s Day: Player card on the left (animated)
  • Duo’s Day: Right player card (animated)
  • Duo’s Day: Game Night player card
  • Duo’s gun friend of the day (animated)
  • Three player titles: <3,
  • Duo Day: Spray left side (before/after lap only)
  • Duo Day: Spray correctly (before/after round only)
  • As mentioned earlier, Duo’s Day capsules Accessories will only be included, but you can always get the XERØFANG package instead. It may be based on the Lunar New Year but has the perfect colors for Valentine’s Day. Imagine how cool the Duo’s Day gun buddy would look on the pink XERØFANG Vandal.

    Although Riot has not officially announced this box yet, the leaks are from reliable sources and we have seen clips showcasing the items from there. VALUE PBE version.

    VALUE DETERMINATION Expected price of Duo’s Day

    While many people are expecting Riot to release upcoming information VALUE DETERMINATION Duo’s Day was released for free, which probably won’t happen. Sprays, Game Night player cards, and game titles may be free material, but Riot doesn’t consider me a developer who will provide animated goodies for free.

    In fact, leaked information claims that Duo’s Day capsules will cost between 2000 and 2500 VP, which is equivalent to about 20 to 25 USD in real money. Furthermore, you can’t buy any of the items individually, so you have to buy the entire capsule or nothing.

    We’re all hoping Riot will change its mind before that day comes, but I’m not expecting too much. Maybe if Riot drops the price to $10. Whatever happens, we will update this story when official information becomes available.