Blog - February 7, 2024

Top 5 best character builds in the Previous Era before Patch 1.0

The final era will officially launch on February 21 after nearly four years in Early Access. During this time, players have the opportunity to try out a variety of classes, masteries, and builds. While some classes and masteries may change when Patch 1.0 comes out, here they are five builds you must try.

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1) Necromancer: How to build Fire Wraith

The Necromancer is part of the Acolyte class. Image via Eleventh Hour Games

Necromancer is a popular class, regardless of ARPG. IN The Last Era, the How to build Fire Wraith Necromancer is an incredible late-game build and simply one of the best builds in the game. You summon ghosts that essentially act as turrets that deal ranged damage, and it’s one of the most satisfying ways to kill mobs.

Additionally, you’ll gain resistance and healing from your ghosts, which means this is a great build for survivability. However, to ensure you can summon the fire ghost, you need an Idol (a modifier that increases your chances of summoning the fire ghost).

2) Mage: Build the Spriggin Thorn totem

The How to build Spriggin Thorn Totem Shaman is one of the easiest games to play The final era. It’s beginner-friendly and you can start building from scratch, with just the press of a button or two. So if you are new to Last Epoch or ARPGS in general, this build is one of the best to try.

With this build, you summon multiple stationary totems that act almost like minions, and they attack anything in range. The downside is that it doesn’t damage a single target as they will target anything and everything. But they do a lot of damage and provide healing. So it’s worth it.

3) Bladedancer: Shadow Daggers build

Bladedancers are masters of the Rogue class. Image via Eleventh Hour Games

The Shadow Daggers Bladedancer build IN The final era is something you can level up easily; It’s beginner-friendly and you can use it in the end game. Not only that, it is also fast-paced and powerful, delivers high damage and helps clear mobs easily. And above all, it is always serious.

The downside is that you have to keep moving. You take more damage depending on your movement speed. So if you stop or are controlled or stunned by an enemy, you will lose your bonus. But if you like moving around the map and clearing dungeons quickly then this is the best build.

4) Void Knight: Build Warpath

The How to build Warpath Void Knight is what I like to call a “spin to win” build. The final era. Like a savage whirlwind inside Diablo 4This build focuses on you using your Warpath ability to orbit around the map and deal damage.

You can speed up map running and it’s great for single-target attacks and clearing out mobs because they melt under the spinning sword. Furthermore, it is very resilient and has high survivability. Similar to the Thorn Totem Shaman build, this one is beginner-friendly and easy to play since you’re essentially only using one skill. So if you like easy builds then this is one of the best games to play and it will be extremely satisfying to watch your character zip around the world rather than walk.

5) Beastmaster: Build squirrel

The Beastmaster, Shaman, and Druids are all of the Primordial class. Image via Eleventh Hour Games

The Squirrels Beastmaster Build feels a lot like an elaborate meme because, what can squirrels do Actually DO? Well, with this build, you summon a flock of squirrels to do your bidding, and they are surprisingly capable of targeting single enemies, which means this is one of the best builds to use against bosses and deal quite a bit of damage.

To complete this build, you must have a unique item called Herald of the Scurry, which will turn your wolves into squirrels. But since this is an incredible helmet, it’s worth the farming effort to get it. Be warned: it will only decrease after you reach level 76.

If you’re excited to try out these top five builds for Final Era, Early Access is still active, or you can wait until Patch 1.0 launches on February 21. Check back soon That and we will have more detailed information -In-depth building instructions for you.