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Top 10 Cutest Pals in Palworld, Ranked

Palworld filled with adorable Friends who can become your close companions as you journey through the Palpagos Islands. Many of these Pals are extremely cute, but only a few consider the cake the cutest cake in the Paldeck.

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Honestly, I find each Friend cute in their own way, but we’ll narrow the list of Cute Friends down to ten. They’re all very cute, but the ones we’ve chosen here are that special level of cuteness that can melt even the pickiest of hearts. Don’t forget that cuteness is in the eye of the beholder, so there’s no need to consider this a definitive list of cute cakes. With this in mind, let’s look at these ten adorable Friends in more detail.

Top 10 cutest friends in Palworld

10. Football

A Lambball is grazing on the Farm in PalworldCotton baby. Screenshot of Dot Esports

baseball is one of three starter Pals you can catch at the start of the game, and it’s also one of the cutest Pals you’ll find. This furry little creature is basically what you get if you cross a lamb with a giant ball of cotton wool, with a plump body and tiny face that makes it hard not to squeeze and shower it with love and hugs.

9. Relax

Relaxarus waters the plants in Palworld along with other Pals around it.A big, juicy boy. Screenshot by Dot Esports via Pocketpair on YouTube

I love how silly it is relax is, from the somewhat clumsy running animation to the paw-like hands, feet, and curled tail. Relaxaurus has a simple design, but this simplicity only adds to his cuteness. This big fella is the perfect example of an adorable gentle giant who deserves all the cuddles and pampering he can get.

8. Woolipop

Woolipop's Paldeck page in Palworld.Delicious treat. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Woolipop is a Pal that can drop cotton candy if you set it free in your base (and you have a farm for it to graze on), which isn’t surprising since this cottony sheep-like ball looks like a giant cotton ball of candy.

This Pal has a candy-inspired, Woolipop-like design and a light pink color palette, making it a strong contender for being one of the cutest Pals in Palworld.

8. Floppy disk

Flopie is petted in Palworld.Give her a role in the anime. Screenshot by Dot Esports via Pocketpair YouTube

If rabbits are your favorite animal then you definitely want one Floppy disk in your group at Palworld. Flopie has the appearance of an anime animal companion thanks to her pink and green coloring, giant pink bunny ears, and pink pigtail-like hair. It also has a green bow-like leaf accessory and a green puffy ball at the end of its tail.

This quirky design resembles Chopper from A piece and Happiness from Fairy Tailmaking Flopie a must-have for fans of these types of cute, beautifully designed animal characters.

7. Thousand

Ribunny's Paldeck page in Palworld.Easter bunny. Screenshot of Dot Esports

It’s impossible to have a cutest list Palworld Friends and not included Thousandsthanks to its bunny-like design, pink color scheme, and giant bow used to tie the long bunny ears.

Despite Ribunny’s cuteness, its Paldeck entry shows that it can become something a little scarier when pranked by Cattiva, a cat similar to Pal. The entry reads: “From time to time, its tentacles become knotted by Cattiva’s antics. In those moments, its expression changes into something completely spooky.” Maybe it’s still cute, even if it has that spooky, scary expression.

6. Sweet

Swee's Paldeck page in Palworld.Floor. Screenshot of Dot Esports

sweet is an Ice-type Pal, and it seems to have been designed entirely with the idea of ​​sweet and simple cuteness in mind. Swee is a white fur ball, although it also has some blue ears protruding from the top of its head. Just like Lamball and Woolipop are adorable thanks to their soft designs, Swee also makes the list for its soft simplicity.

5. Milk tea

The player caresses Teaphant in PalworldThe sweetest little elephant friend. Screenshot of Dot Esports

milk tea is a small cream-colored elephant with teal edges on his ears and a small strand of teal hair hanging off his head. It also has large, teal-colored anime-like eyes, adding to the cuteness of the design.

This little Pal elephant is an adorable addition to your group, with a design that looks like it was pulled from a children’s storybook.

4. Elphidra

Elphidran is caressed in Palworld.Big lover. Screenshot by Dot Esports via Pocketpair YouTube

This next Pal looks like a cross between a dragon and a giant butterfly, making for a very cute companion and gentle giant. When you assemble the elements of by Elphidran design—such as tiny arms, protruding antennae, fairy-like wings, long neck, and large eyes—it makes for a Dragon-Type Friend that is both cute and effective in combat.

3. Vibration

Quivern smiled in PalworldA baby dragon floats. Screenshot of Dot Esports

While we’re on the subject of adorable Dragon-type friends, tremble is another cute Pal with an ethereal appearance thanks to his white and light blue color scheme, giant blue eyes, fluffy fur, and giant wings. Quivern looks quite angelic because of the aforementioned color scheme, but its softness makes Pal feel more like a huggable pet than a fearsome dragon.

2. Chili

Palworld screenshot of a player looking at Chillet in the grass.How to Train Your Chillet. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Chilli is one of my favorites Palworld Pal in terms of cuteness thanks to his adorable face and adorable body movements.

This type of Dragon and Ice is a cross between a dragon and a snake thanks to its long body and small face. Big ears, soft tufts of fur, and a dark and light blue color palette make the Chillet a unique and super cute creature. I also think Chillet has a similar appearance to Toothless in the movie How to train your dragon movie, which just makes it even more adorable.

1. Ice cream

In-game screenshot of Cremis from PalworldCremis is the highest level of cuteness. Screenshot of Dot Esports.

Last but not least is Palworld Pokémon’s equivalent of Eevee: adorable and extremely huggable Cream. Cremis may have a face similar to Eevee, but its soft body and even softer neck fur give Pal a more unique element, separating it from its Pokémon counterpart.

Everything about Cremis is adorable, from his big orange eyes to his soft fur and cream fur. If you want to see the cutest Cremis, watch the sleeping Pals animation when you have one sleeping on a Pal bed in your base. The cuteness almost killed me, I don’t think I’ll ever fully recover from it.

If you want to see all Pals in Palworld so you can decide for yourself who is the cutest, be sure to check out our complete Paldeck guide.