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Tim Cook: ‘So many reasons’ to buy an Apple Watch without a blood oxygen sensor

Apple isn’t ready to settle its patent lawsuit with Masimo, and as the case makes its way through the courts, CEO Tim Cook has suggested that the Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 could benefit a lot without the blood oxygen sensor.

“We are focused on the appeal,” Cook said in a statement provided to CNBC hosts after the earnings call, according to AppleInsider. “There are plenty of reasons to buy a watch even if it doesn’t have a blood oxygen sensor.”

That’s an interesting statement, considering that the blood oxygen sensor was one of the main reasons I chose the Series 9 over the cheaper Apple Watch SE. However, Cook won’t intentionally stop selling the Apple Watch, and if Apple wins its appeal, it will probably be able to restore the blood oxygen sensor via a software update.

Masimo sued Apple for copyright infringement related to the blood oxygen sensor installed in Apple Watch starting with Series 6. A lawsuit was later filed with the International Trade Commission, where Masimo won, forcing Apple to stop selling its latest smartwatch at the end of 2023. The product is now on sale again, but without the blood oxygen sensor, which Apple removed with a software update. You can find these products through sensors at third-party retailers that sell them through pre-ban inventory.

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Masimo CEO Joe Kiani told Bloomberg last month that Masimo would happily reach an agreement with Apple, but that Cupertino wasn’t particularly interested in that outcome. “They didn’t call,” Kiani said. “It takes two to tango.” He went on to say that Massimo would be willing to “work with them to improve their products.”

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