Reviews - February 7, 2024

This Pokemon-like Apple Watch app makes standing all day more fun.

Standing all day is just one of a long list of things we have to do, but with the added stress of work and life, we often don’t get it done or forget about it entirely.

One of the key settings in the Apple Watch Activity app prompts you to stand up at least once an hour for 12 hours. But if that isn’t enough motivation for you, we recommend Standland, an Apple Watch app.

The idea behind Standland is that getting more of us to stand up is a challenge, especially for people in sedentary jobs. But what if you throw cute animals into the mix and turn it into a game instead?

How does Standland work?

The app prompts you to move for one minute every hour. This counts as one stand. There are 15 little virtual creatures that encourage you to achieve 15 different achievements. Think of it like low-key Pokémon GO.

The app itself is incredibly simple, but you can also dig into your stats and see your progress over time with weekly and monthly reports.

I don’t think cute animal gimmicks will appeal to everyone. But if your goal is to stand more, you like fun games, and you enjoy caring for your Tamagotchi when it’s young, the Standland might be perfect.

By now we know that the best habits, the ones you stick with, are small and easy to do. That’s why I love Standland and its simple, fun approach that gets you moving a little more every day.