Blog - February 4, 2024

The Xbox exclusive Indiana Jones game is also expected to launch on PlayStation 5

Less than an hour after reports of Microsoft’s new strategy to bring Xbox exclusive games to other platforms receiving major updates, the second bomb has been dropped with this news Indiana Jones and the Great Circle could also appear on PlayStation 5 at some point in the future.

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The Verge reports today that Microsoft is internally considering which titles from its current and upcoming library of exclusives will be launched on other consoles, including Nintendo’s Switch handheld and Sony’s PS5. This includes Bethesda and MachineGames’ release plans Indiana Jones and the Great Circle on PS5 at some point after Xbox and PC launch.

Indiana Jones fights with a whip.With a title like this, multiple platforms is probably a good choice. Image via Bethesda

Latest Indiana Jones The game is expected to release at some point in late 2024 and is listed as a major Xbox exclusive, with the usual day-to-day PC strategy still in place. New reports indicate that Microsoft and the Xbox team are having a “fierce internal debate” over a new plan where select games will be released with some form of delay. on other consoles.

star school is another big name game that is said to be released soon on PS5 and Hi-Fi fever And Sea of ​​thieves is also expected to have a great leap forward. The Verge also took note Hi-Fi fever Expected port for Switch and PS5, could be announced “in the coming weeks”.

Despite this change in approach, Xbox chief executive Phil Spencer said the company has no plans to bring Game Pass to other gaming platforms like PlayStation or Switch in December. That said, Those ideas may have completely disappeared if internal plans have changed much since then, and considering that Microsoft laid off about 1,900 employees in its games division in January, these Drastic change seems more likely.