Blog - February 1, 2024

The Warzone update adds a new playlist where players can check out potential changes

Battlefield today added a new limited-time mode, Battle Royale Preview, allowing players to test out upcoming features before they’re officially introduced, with two test subjects included at launch eyes: Covert Exfil and Weapon Case.

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Battlefield Season One Reloaded was originally planned to introduce both Covert Exfil and Weapon Case. However, Raven Software ultimately decided to delay both features indefinitely after CoD fans argue that these planned exploitation shooter-inspired elements don’t really belong in battle royale. The developers went back to the drawing board and ended up bringing both improvements back as part of a new testing ground for future ideas.

The operator in Warzone surrounds a black and yellow case.The weapons case is high risk. Image via Activision

The first version of Battle Royale Preview is available Battlefield to check secret Exfils and weapon cases. At the start of each match, one Weapon box spawns in a random location on the map and is marked with a search area. After locating and picking up the box, the player will have all opponents marked on the map. If the player survives until the end of the match while holding the chest, they will receive an exclusive reward. Instead of trying to survive until the end, Covert Exfil introduces a faster way to get Weapon Boxes.

There are only five secret Exfils are available to purchase for each match and they come at a great price price 30,000 USD. When a team buys exfil, a green flare will mark the landing zone and call in a helicopter that can take out any player early. Opponents will be notified of the exfil and may attempt to hijack or prevent helicopter travel.

All team members must board the helicopter for a successful departure. Any player who fails to do so will have to stay in the match and try to win the old fashioned way while their teammates watch in spectator mode.

Covert Exfils are designed as a simpler method of collecting Weapon Boxes and do not count as traditional wins. Players earn every Weapon Case reward by extracting six or more cases, and there are bonus rewards for any team that can win the match with a Weapon Case in hand.

Raven has not yet confirmed whether this Battlefield The testing realm will be around for a while, but for now, anyone can load into the Preview lobby.