Blog - February 2, 2024

The new PlayStation handheld could reportedly give Steam Deck a run for its money

Steam Deck has taken the gaming market by storm in 2022 and now Sony plans to challenge that dominance, with new reports suggesting the in-development PlayStation handheld could surpass Popular Valve console.

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Sony has signed a deal with AMD and “money has been exchanged” for a PlayStation handheld, reliable industry leaker Moore’s Law Is Dead suggested this week. His sources said work on the project has begun but is still in the High-Level Design phase. In layman’s terms, this means Sony could still pull the plug on this device before it launches. Aside from this potential hurdle, the idea of ​​Sony’s next handheld sounds very interesting, with functionality-oriented designs similar to the Steam Deck.

Man in red spider suit and man in black spider suit in Spider-Man 2Spidey is as excited as we are to reportedly play the game on the PlayStation handheld. Image via Insomnia Games

Unlike its previous efforts at handhelds, this time Sony is aiming to create a device that is fully compatible with its main consoles, specifically the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. next generation. Reports continue to claim the new PlayStation handheld, dubbed the “Vita 2,” will have the same number of computing units as the PS4, effectively functioning as a handheld version of the console. Sony’s last generation.

This doesn’t mean the so-called Vita 2 won’t have any PS5 games in its library, but the expectation is that the handheld won’t be able to host every PS5 title and will have to rely on ports Compatible.

Another scenario put forward by Moore’s Law Is Dead sources is that the Vita 2 will actually launch much later and be part of the PS6 line, which would change the new hardware specifications as well. reported and suspected release date of Sony’s next handset.

In either case, this project is unlikely to lead to a product launch in the immediate future. Moore’s Law is dead estimates it will happen as little as two years from now, as early as 2026. This prognosis is consistent with the typical six to seven year interval between generations, which This makes speculation around “Vita 2” still open at the present time.

While mostly speculation, MLID’s report states one thing that’s a guaranteed fact—there’s a new PlayStation handheld in the early stages of development, and AMD is handling both it and the PlayStation 6. If everything else in this February leak proves true, Steam Deck could face legitimate competition in the handheld market, though from the looks of it, Valve will enjoy its dominance. your treatment for at least a few more years.