Blog - February 7, 2024

The new Marvel Snap patch provides a major buff to Omega Red and a ‘horizontal change’ to Beast

Marvel Snap The monthly patch is already available for iOS and Android, it’s coming to PC soon, and there are some interesting card changes coming with the new season.

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Three cards were changed in the update that accompanied the Dark Order season yesterday, with one big winner among them. Wolverine villain Omega Red will likely get more playtime after this buff.

Here’s everything that’s changing in the Marvel Snap February 2024 patch.

Marvel Snap Patch notes February 7

Red Omega is the biggest winner in today’s update, with a big text change. Instead of providing four powers to other locations while gaining 10 slots, he will now provide three powers by gaining his location.

“Omega Red has been on our list of improvements for a while,” Second Dinner said. “This rework is intended to simplify the overall functionality of the card and promote the novelty of its ability to always affect two positions, even when not in play in the middle. The incentives are the same – put your weight behind Omega Red – just a more robust and elegant execution.”

The other big change is coming Beast and is described as a “sideways change,” meaning it is neither a buff nor a nerf but both. Monsters are now two/two instead of three/four, and cards returned to your hand must now be played on the next turn or they will lose their reduced value.

“Beast is a design constraint, as it powers 1-Cost cards in two different ways and plays strongly with other effects, like Falcon,” said Second Dinner. “Previously, we solved that problem by moving Beast from two/two to three/4, which worked for a while. Today, however, we’re trading that back for the more effective Beast with a timed discount that’s more in line with the cost of the card. We still want Beast to be a strong card and we are optimistic that overall this is a mostly ‘sideways’ change for him.”

The only other change in the update is helicopterwill now put random cards into your hand instead of just adding three random cards.

“Helicarrier hasn’t really found an identity in the game yet, as this effect makes it difficult to navigate decks that rely on removal or Demon Dinosaur (and using both is even weirder),” Monday Dinner said. “We’re removing the cap here to see if Untapped Helicarrier improves the reward enough to make this a quest worth doing for some decks. At least eliminating the Helicarrier will be more interesting now!”

All the details of today’s patch can be found above Marvel Snap website.