Blog - February 7, 2024

The MW3 and Warzone season 2 updates introduce new features that make diving and sliding easier

The Modern warfare 3 And Battlefield The season two update quietly addressed an annoying issue with random diving and sliding, while also bringing a useful quality of life change.

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There is no possibility of internal slide cancellation Modern war 2, players instead turn to diving if they want to escape a gunfight or reposition themselves safely. After a whole year of begging for the slide cancel feature to be added back to Call of Duty, Sledgehammer Games has listened to community feedback and reintroduced the popular movement mechanic to Modern warfare 3. As a result, diving has lost some of its shine, but the new feature of part two changes that.

Call of Duty soldier in gold-trimmed armor carries a shotgunBattlefield Movement becomes easier. Image via Raven software

MW3 And Battlefield Explain the combined sliding/diving behavior

IN Battlefield And Modern warfare 3, the player can change the input that triggers the diving and sliding animations. Most community members prefer Slide Only, because CoD YouTuber JGOD discovered that it has a 100ms response time, which is faster than the 200ms response time from the Tap to slide option.

However, this YouTuber also discovered a strange glitch that makes it possible to dive even if you have selected Slide Only by pressing the inputs for sprint and slide simultaneously. The unexpected workaround improved response times while still being able to dive. That said, it’s also a problem when players rush in without knowing why.

The developers fixed that bug as part of the part two update. “Players will no longer dive when using the Just Slide option on the controller,” the developers announced on the season update blog.

Additionally, the seasonal update introduced a new Combo option that combines just tap to slide and players can tap while holding sprint input to dash. The new option ensures players get the best possible response times for both movement mechanics, and we recommend using combined sliding and diving behavior in all multiplayer and battle royale matches .