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The fastest flying mounts in Palworld and how to get them

IN Palworld, flying mount is priceless. Choosing the fastest flying mount will enhance certain missions for you in the game like collecting Pal Eggs, finding the Great Owl Statue, and heading to the Wildlife Sanctuary.

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These advantages make your adventuring extremely efficient, so you’ll want the fastest mount to do the trick.

The fastest flying mount in the world Palworld

Palworld screenshot showing the player's Jetragon hovering over a mountain.It is truly a living jet. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Jetragon is the fastest flying mount password flies at speeds between 1700 and 3300 and can be one of the most difficult Pals to catch. They come to the front rimeanother legendary Pal and flies at almost twice the speed.

Because Jetragon is one Legendary spawns at level 50it can only be bred with two Jetragons, so your only option to catch one the first time is to spawn its Alpha at the end of the game, north of the Eternal Summer teleport pointnear volcano.

Tip: 2nd Place is still 2nd Place!

Most players usually choose the second fastest Pal before crushing Jetragon, and we recommend you do the same!

by Palword Flying mounts are ranked by speed

We performed real-world speed tests with each prop, measuring how far they traveled in a 10-second straight flight. Basically, the more ground it covers, the greater the speed.

The list below reveals the findings, introduced fastest flying mount in Palworld and where to catch them. The list is sorted from fastest to slowest:

Flying Pal MountainSpeedJetragon 1700 – 3300Frostallion 1000 – 1500Faleris1000 – 1400Shadowbeak850 – 1200Ragnahawk & Beakon800 – 1300Suzaku 850 – 1100Helzephyr700 – 1100Quivern800 – 950Vanwyrm 700 – 850Elphi d ran 630 – 800Astegon600 – 800Nitewing600 – 750

jet plane

The scariest Pal is also the fastest Pal. Screenshot of Dot Esports

coordinates-789, -321Wild level50ElementDragonBred from eggsTwo JetragonsPlayer level required for saddle50Saddle material100 Leather, 200 Refined Ingots, 50 Circuit Boards, 140 Paldium Fragments

jet planeA legendary dragon, awaits you in Obsidian Mountain, far to the west of Palworld map. You can only find it at level 50, so prepare a strong Ice Type Pal squad and top gear for a productive encounter. Capturing this incredible creature requires the legendary Pal Sphere.

Author’s note

I tried catching Jetragon with Hyper Sphere, the second best in the game, but only achieved a meager two percent catch rate.

Securing the Jetragon will give you superior flight speed for a change Palworld probe. If you miss your chance to catch it, don’t worry, as Jetragon will respawn about an hour after you defeat it, ready for another capture attempt.


The player approaches Alpha Frostallion in PalworldFrostallion, legendary friend. Screenshot of Dot Esports. coordinates-357, 508Wild level50ElementStoneBred from eggsTwo FrostallionsPlayer level required for saddle48Saddle material50 Ice Organs, 100 Leather, 200 Refined Ingots, 75 Paldium Fragments.

rimea legendary Pegasus Ice Pal located in the icy biome north of the Pristine Snowfield teleport above Palworld map.

They are also found only in level 50, make sure to have a strong fire-type Pal squad. Hyper Spheres or any of the above will be the only Spheres for this Legendary Friend.


Faleris floats above the food pan in Palworld.Faleris is an Epic Fire type. Screenshot of Dot Esports coordinates667, 638Wild level41 to 43ElementFireBred from eggsTwo Faleris or Anubis and VanwrymPlayer level required for saddle38Saddle material25 Fire Organs, 30 Leather, 10 Cloth, 30 Refined Ingots, 30 Paldium Shards.Faleris comes in third place just behind the two legendary Pals and can be found at Wildlife Sanctuary No. 3 on Palworld Map. If this is the Fire Bird for you, make sure to bring as many as you can. Giga and hypersphere as possible as well as removing Pals water to weaken Faleris.

This firebird mount moves at a fast pace, and with a level 3 Kindling, they’re even extremely useful at your base!

shadow mine

Shadowbeak is a pet in Palworld.Screenshot by Dot Esports via Pocketpair on YouTube coordinates667, 638Wild level43ElementDarkBred from eggsTwo ShadowBeaks or Kitsun and AstegonPlayer level required for saddle47Saddle material25 Venom Glands, 50 Leather, 40 Refined Ingots, 45 Paldium Shards.

shadow mine said to be born in the depths of madness and can be found at Wildlife Sanctuary No. 3. This dark flying mount comes in fourth place and there’s a reason why they’re super fast. This Pal is especially difficult to catch, so the best tip to get them is to bring some Dragon types as well as Hyper Spheres, Ultra Spheres.


The best and most accessible fly rack. Screenshot of Dot Esports coordinates -479, -742Wild level32 to 34ElementFireBred from eggsRelaxaurus and Cinnamoth, along with other breeding pairs.Player level required for saddle37Saddle material25 Leather, 15 Cloth, 20 Ingots, 20 Organs, 25 Paldium Shards

Ragnahawk stands as a top flying mount in Palworld, found around level 35 on Obsidian Mountain. While it’s not specifically designed for early-game players, carrying this Pal with Hyper Pal Spheres will give you a top-notch flying mount for your mid- and late-game adventures.

You won’t need to worry about other Flying Buddies or even Jetragon. So as soon as you get the chance, I highly recommend finding a place for Ragnahawk. It’s a game changer.


Beakon the Electric flies quickly in Palworld.Beakon Mount Dien. Screenshot of Dot Esports coordinates527, 526Wild level29ElementElectricityBred from eggsMossanda and Blazamut and other breeding combinations.Player level required for saddle34Saddle material20 Electric Organs, 20 Leather, 20 Ingots, 10 Cloth, 25 Paldium Fragments.

Beacon is an electric flying Pal mount in Palworld that is extremely fast. You can find Alpha Pal Beakon southeast of the bamboo bush the statue teleports. If you’re trying to catch Beakon, we recommend bringing a Ground-type Friend because Electric-type Pals are weak compared to Ground-types. Don’t forget to bring lots of Giga and Hyper Spheres.

With aerial electromagnetic attacks, they can eliminate a group of angry raiders with a single attack. They are very useful when transporting and fighting huge groups of enemies.


Suzaku has high warp speed. Screenshot of Dot Esports

coordinates405, 256Wild level40ElementFireBred from eggsBlazamut and AstegonPlayer level required for saddle40Saddle material20 Leather, 25 Refined Ingots, 20 Fire Organs, 40 Paldium Shards.

suzaku it may not be able to match the power of Ragnahawk but it is still a great mount. You can find it near level 40 in the Desert region in the north of the map. Its vertical track exceeds Ragnahawk’s, providing rapid climbing, ideal for egg hunting on cliffs and towering mountains.

While its horizontal speed is impressive, it still doesn’t reach the level of the Ragnahawk. If your goal is to cover ground quickly, Ragnahawk holds the advantage. For vertical exploration, however, Suzaku shines as an unbeatable choice.

All else Palworld flying mounting locations, ratings

  • Frostalion Night (exclusively for breeding Frostallion with Helzephyr)
  • Suzaku Aqua (dedicated to breeding Suzaku with Jormuntide)
  • Helzphyr (121, -61 at night only)
  • tremble (-665, -113)
  • Vanwyrm (-100, -412)
  • Vanwyrm crystal (-343, 272)
  • Elphidpran (89, -721)
  • Elphidran Aqua (dedicated to breeding Elphidran with Surfent)
  • Astagon (-615, -430)
  • spider wings (62, -414)