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The best way to farm Chests for Palworld

Farming chests are important for obtaining rare weapons and equipment. Palworld, collect valuable Sapphires to sell and receive Skill Fruits to power up your Friends. The most effective spots are routes with lots of chests, especially Wildlife Sanctuaries. These are the best ways to grow your breasts.

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The best place to farm chests in Palworld

  • Southern Wildlife Sanctuary (90, -724)
  • Northern Wildlife Sanctuary (666, 635)
  • Western Wildlife Sanctuary (-673, -114)
  • These three locations are top choices for farming chests in Palworld because the chest can be opened freely (without a key) and contains valuable items. They are also close by and easy to reach, especially with fast flying mounts. If you visit all three areas, you’ll unlock 33 chests without using any keys, and the chests will respawn about an hour after you open them, allowing you to repeat the routes.

    I tried all of these routes myself and here are the items I found. Below this list, I’ll give you step-by-step instructions for each farming route in these areas.

    • Jade (guaranteed)
    • Skill fruit
    • Pendant
    • Premium Technical Guide (Free Tech Score)
    • Heat-resistant bra
    • Uncommon and rare diagrams
      • pistol
      • Metal armor
      • Heat-resistant metal armor
      • Metal caps

    The best chest farming paths in Palworld

    1) Southern Wildlife Sanctuary (90, -724)

    All 12 chests spawn in the Southern Wildlife Refuge. Image of Dot Esports

    This chest farming path in Palworld Very accessible and great for beginners. It’s just south of the Starting Plateau, where the game begins. You just need any flying or swimming Pal to cross the sea to this location. I recommend using a flying buddy like Nitewing, especially if you’re new. You will have to climb a bit to collect all the chests.

    Start your route at the Wildlife Sanctuary in the south, at the point marked number 1 on the map (about 90, -699). Make a left circle through the main area, covering all three levels of ground. After reaching the sixth position, move to the outside, starting from the 7th position (149, -733). Keep going until you reach position 12. That’s where you finish farming your chest.

    2) Breast feed route of Northern Wildlife Sanctuary (666, 635)

    All 11 chests spawn in the Northern Wildlife Refuge. Image of Dot Esports

    The Wildlife Sanctuary in the far north, near the Desert biome, is another great place to farm chests quickly in Palworld. The main challenge is getting there as it is located in the end game area and you may need heat protection gear.

    For chest farming, follow the same pattern as the first Wildlife area. Start in the inner ring at location 1 (coordinates 673, 610), but this time, go right, making sure to check all three levels of ground for a chest. Once finished, go to point 7 (coordinates 611, 624) and collect the chests on the outer ring until you reach point 11.

    3) Western Wildlife Sanctuary (-673, -114)

    All 10 chests appear in the Western Wildlife Refuge. Image via Dot Esports

    Among the routes of the Wildlife Sanctuary in Palworld, the West route is the least optimal, but it’s still a good choice for 10 chests in one place. Like the others, it has an inner ring and an outer ring. If you’re coming from the Volcano fast travel point south, it’s easier to start from the outer ring. Start at point 1 (coordinates -663, -165) and circle west until you reach point 5 at -633, -80. Then, move on to the next round, exploring the entire land to find the remaining chests until the 10th chest is collected.

    While farming chests, consider hunting for Legendary Diagrams. They may take some time to find, but it’s an effective way to pass the time between chest respawns.

    Are dungeon farming routes worth it?

    Chests in dungeons—those obtained after defeating bosses—contain valuable items, some of which you can’t find anywhere else. These chests can drop Schematics, Tech Manuals, and many other goodies. However, you should know some information about dungeon farming before getting started.

    Firstly, not all chests in the dungeon have their own rewards. In fact, only the last chest is special—the rest of the dungeon will contain regular chests no different from those you can find in the overworld.

    Second, the exact loot you’ll get is tied to the level. In other words, a particular dungeon chest may contain extremely valuable items, but you may not be able to get it due to the increased difficulty.

    With all that said, let’s take an overview of the dungeon chests in Palworld:

    • Early to mid (levels 1-29): Dungeons are easiest to clear but do not yield loot of great value.
    • Mid to late (level 30-40): Located in the north of the map and the deserts, these dungeons are where flowering cacti are sold.
    • Late game (level 40+): The dungeons can be found in the snow-capped mountains of the north and are identifiable by the white trees and blue ice crystals at the entrance.