Blog - February 2, 2024

The best way to build Percival in Granblue Fantasy: Relink

Percival is a strong Internal Fire attacker Granblue Fantasy: Relinking. To make him even better, you need a good build that suits his style and main move, a powerful attack called Schlacht. Here’s how to turn this good character into one of the best.

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Charges attacks to build Percival

Screenshot of Percival's character sheet in Granblue Fantasy: RelinkPercival needs a lot of aggressive offensive support. Screenshot of Dot Esports.

Best build for Percival in Granblue Fantasy: Relinking strengthens his Schlacht attack. It’s a charged move, so choose Sigils which makes it stronger and faster to cast. Also, choose Sigils which reduces his skill cooldown. Since his skills help Schlacht charge faster, you want to use them often. This way, you can also use Schlacht regularly to deal great damage. Here’s the full build to make Percival’s Schlacht a major threat:


  • Antwerp (unlocked after Main Story). Its ability to increase weak point DMG is great if you can hit the enemy’s weak point with Percival.

Main signs:

  • Attack Power: More attack power is always good for an offensive character like Percival.
  • Fast cooldown: Reduced skill cooldowns, so you can use Schlacht-boosting skills more often.
  • Fast Charging: Combat charges faster.
  • Waterfall: Reduces skill cooldown when you hit enemies.
  • Critical hit rate: Increases critical strike chance for more damage.

Conditional signs:

  • Exploit: Good if you can hit the enemy from behind.
  • Serious damage: Choose this if you are focusing on critical hits and have an extra Sigil slot.


  • Fire Attack: A necessary skill to deal great damage.
  • Reverie: Self-buffs incredible damage and attack.
  • Maybe: Deal damage and close the distance with enemies. Trade with Royal Authority for area damage if needed.
  • Red swirl: Great against stunned or slowed enemies.


  • The ultimate goal is to reach the maximum. Start with the Weakness and Reverse Attack damage improvement paths.

When building Percival, avoid the mistakes I made initially. I chose Stable Focus as Sigil, which prevents attack disruption when attacked. But Percival already has this in his Support Skill, Flammen RĂ¼stung. This means you can use another Sigil instead. Then, for your party, pair Percival with Narmaya for more damage or with Siegfried for a tough fighter.