Blog - February 6, 2024

The best Vanwyrm breeding combination in Palworld

With over a hundred Pals to collect Palworld, Having them all is difficult, but the best Vanwyrm breeding combination can help.

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Vanwyrm is a Pal that becomes accessible relatively early in the game Palworld and can easily be found in abundance. While it may not stand out from the best Pals around, it can be extremely useful when used in targeted breeding facilities.

Of the thousands of possible breeding combinations in Palworld, Finding the perfect pair can be difficult, but we have worked hard and identified the best breeding combinations for Vanwyrm.

The best friends to breed Vanwyrm in Palworld

Vanwyrm's Paldeck page in Palworld.Stand up. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Breeding in Palworld It seems random at first glance, but there are thousands of combinations that lead to specific pairs. By using Vanwyrm in breeding, you can open the door to adding some great Pal to your collection.

These range from Friends who can be the perfect partner when you’re in battle to those who can help keep things running smoothly at your base — and we’ve picked out 10 breeding combinations The best Vanwyrm below.

One parentParents twoOffspringVanwyrmFuackVerdashVanwyrmRoobyMozzarinaVanwyrmKillamariFenglopeVanwyrmMossandaElphidranVanwyrmCinnamothAnubisVanwyrmFoxcicleVanwyrm CrystVanwyrmMammorestWumpo BotanVanwyrmAnubisFalerisVanwyrmRagnahawkPenkingVanwyrmElizaAzurobe

When breeding any of the above pairs in Palworld, It does not matter whether the Vanwyrm used is male or female, although it is beneficial to have multiple Vanwyrms to choose from when breeding to have better control over the Passive Skills passed on to the offspring.

Vanwyrm can also be used with many other Pals to create a variety of clear eggs Palworld, although many are not worth the time or effort, as the spawn can be easily captured or require much harder-to-get Friends.