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The best Univolt breeding combination in Palworld

Univolt is a fairly popular Pal in Palworld, which will be helpful when you’re trying to capture one. What’s interesting is that you can also breed some of the rarest Pals with this mysterious Electric Pal. So don’t wait—here are the best Univolt breeding combinations to try Palworld.

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The best Univolt breeding combination in Palworld

The player rides Univolt in PalworldWant a vehicle? Screenshot of Dot Esports

I have compiled the best breeding combinations using Univolt in the table below. Try them in Palworld and watch the magic happen as you incubate the eggs.

Parent OneParent TwoKidUnivoltBlazamutWarsectUnivoltSuzakuPyrinUnivoltOrserkSweepaUnivoltHelzephyrMossandaUnivoltLyleen NoctSibelyxUnivoltRelaxaurusWumpo BotanUnivoltJormuntideAzurobeUnivoltNitewingElphidranUnivoltKingpacaAnubisUnivoltTanzeeLoupmoon

For reproduction to take place, you must ensure one of the parents is male and the other is female. Assign both to the Livestock Farm—unlocked at level 19—with some Cakes in a nearby chest. If there is not enough Cake, the breeding process will not be complete.

Once you are done breeding, take the Egg and deliver it to the Nursery. There are many ways to speed up the incubation process.


The child Pal can inherit passive traits from its parent Pal. So, breeding Univolt with a carefully chosen Pal can give you a very capable baby Pal for your base or battle.

How to get Univolt in Palworld

If you don’t have a Univolt yet, don’t worry. Just access the area marked in Palworld Heat map below to find one.

Find a Univolt here. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Univolt is an Electric Pal so it is weaker than Ground Pals in battle. I always make sure to bring a Pal like Rushoar or Gumoss to catch Univolt and some Mega Sphere to make it easier. You can also capture an Alpha Univolt that spawns in the Sea Breeze Islands and then breed it to spawn a more powerful Pal.