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The best Smolder builds in League of Legends: Items, runes and more for new LoL champions

More smoldering than Latest League of Legends Archer and many fans barely know how to build him or which Runes to use.

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Usually, when a new champion releases, it’s difficult to pinpoint the exact formula for success. Items and runes in League there are a lot of variations and changing them even slightly has a huge impact on DPS output and survivability. Smolder is an ADC champion and that means the majority of his damage is physical. On top of that, he is quite mobile and you must always take care to keep a safe distance from your enemies. The following is best builds, items, and runes for Smolder.

The game is more smoldering in League

Smolder's basic splash art.Smolder packs a punch. Image via Riot Games

Smolder is an ADC, which means you should find a way to bring him to the bottom lane. He’s pretty squishy if the enemy team catches him and you need a support to protect or heal you. His passive, Train Your Dragon, deals extra magic damage when you hit an ability or kill a monster or minion, pushing him more toward items like Sheen and Navori Quickblades.

Essentially, you want to combine your Ethereal Breath with your auto attacks and optimize the amount of damage dealt. Always save his Flap, Flap, Flap skill when you need to escape a tricky situation or when you have a clear angle to take out your enemies.

The best support rune for Smolder in League

Screenshot of Ultimate Smoldering GemPress the Attack is one of the best keystones for Smolder. Screenshot of Dot Esports

The best Smolder runes by far are all in the Precision tree. You can choose between The fleet stepped foot and pressed the attack. While Fleet Footwork gives you additional survivability with additional healing and movement speed, Press the Attack is great for trading and taking down enemies in the mid to late game . If you’re playing against tanky champions like Sejuani or Volibear, Press Attack is definitely a better option, as it leaves them vulnerable to three auto-attacks.

Further in the tree Exactly, take Presence of mind for a mana refund, especially since you’re combining auto-attacks with your abilities. If you don’t buy it regularly, you’ll run out of mana before you know it. Next, choose Legend: Agility to increase your basic attack speed. Finally, Smolder has low base HP and your best option in the last row is Cut Down. This allows you to deal more damage to champions with more maximum HP than you.

For secondary plants, I recommend you go to Sorcery and choose Mana strip And The storm is coming. Both are aimed at helping you scale, especially Gathering Storm. Manaflow band is for the laning phase, because if you spam Q, you will soon run out of mana.

At the last tree, select Attack Speed, Adaptive Force, and Health. These are standard marksman runes and you can switch them if necessary.

Maximum order of best Smolder ability in League

Smolder is pretty simple and so is his ability max order. You want to put all your points into Super Scorcher Breath first, then Achooo!, then Flap, Flap, Flap, and of course, don’t forget to get your ultimate magic upgrades at level six, 11 and 16. That means you maximum order is Q > W > E. You’re using all your points on damage and utility, and your escape won’t be as good.

The best way to build items for Smolder in League

Screenshot of Smolder early game itemsGet Tear and Sheen ASAP. Screenshot of Dot Esports

You definitely want to start your game with Doran’s blade. This is the best value item and it gives you attack damage, health, and life steal. For challenging lanes where you’ll get poked a lot, I recommend bringing Doran’s Shield.

Smolder’s core structure includes Essence Scythe, Muramana, Navori Quicksword, and Ionian Boots of Insight. This is because you’re not a classic right-click marksman, but you use Superheated Breath as a regular part of your rotation. This skill has a short cooldown, and when you combine it with the Haste Ability from these items, it will be even more effective.

At the beginning of the game, remember this Tears of the goddess And light. This helps in reducing damage and ensuring you have enough energy to work.

Screenshots of Smolder's core and end-game itemsThe Essence Scythe and Navori Quicksword are your core items. Screenshot of Dot Esports

The last two items are pretty situational, but you should use raw attack damage items like Lord Dominik’s Regards, Ravenous Hydra, Immortal Shieldbow, or Guardian Angel if you need to survive a little longer.