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The best servers to play in Final Fantasy XIV

One of the first decisions players must make when joining most MMOs is which server to play on. IN Final Fantasy XIVThis is a bit more confusing because there are two types of servers: Data Center and World.

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These two types can be confusing even for those who have played MMOs before, but due to World and Data Center travel, choosing a server that doesn’t suit your play style or roster can be confusing. Your friend’s book is not the end of the world.

Depending on which World is congested, you may not even be able to get into the same World as your friends, and you may have to wait a while before you can join them. The Congested World changes based on the number of active players, allowing you to move your character once it opens up again. Until then, playing together is still very possible, sometimes even seamless.

Difference between Data Center and Inner World Final Fantasy XIV?

Characters fly on a gryphon, a Chocobo, and a sheep in front of a castle in Final Fantasy XIV.Choose wisely Your world with your friends. Image via Square Enix

Data centers

Data centers are regional servers that Square Enix has around the world. There are server locations in North America, Europe, Japan, and Oceania. Playing on the Data Center closest to your region will ensure less latency and shorter ping. If you want to experience the game with friends, you should choose at least the same Data Center region because you cannot access Data Centers in other regions.

But you can switch Data Centers in your region. For example, someone at the Aether Data Center in North America can visit someone at the Primal Data Center, also located in North America.


Within each Data Center there are several Worlds. Some have more people than others, which is why some may be open to new characters and character transfers, but others may be closed to it. As long as the world is not listed as congested, you can create new characters there.

If you have friends who are already playing, the best decision would be to play on their World. It will not restrict you in any way when you want to visit them or play anything with them in the game. Don’t worry if you can’t get into the same World as your friends because it’s too crowded. You can freely travel between Worlds when you want to visit each other, and there are only a few restrictions, such as not being able to reach the Keeper.

You can transfer Worlds as long as that World is open and accepting new and existing characters. There will be a charge if the World is not listed as priority or new. World transfers can be purchased on Mogstation.

Which Data Center and World should I join Final Fantasy XIV?

Data Center and World should be chosen based on several factors. The first is where friends are located. You should ask your friends which World they are in so you can join the same World. If you don’t have any friends to play with, some data centers are in Final Fantasy XIV has become popular with certain types of players. Each Data Center and what it serves are listed below.

  • North America
    • Aether: favored heavy raiders
    • Crystal: more about role-playing gameplay
    • Primal: favored by role-playing players and heavy raiders
    • Dynamis: newest and least populated server, will probably have more fancy worlds
  • Japanese
    • Elemental – prioritizes English-speaking and Southeast Asian players
    • Gaia – favors Japanese players
    • Mana – favors Japanese players
    • Meteor – the newest and least populated server, has some fancy worlds
  • Europe
    • Cerberus: favors Russian-speaking players
    • Moogle: favors French-speaking players
    • Shiva: prefers German-speaking players
  • Oceania
    • Material – Brand new server

All Worlds are currently congested and preferred in Final Fantasy XIV

Below is a list of all Worlds and their server status. Congested worlds do not accept character transfers or new characters. The Standard world often gets new characters and transfers, but sometimes it doesn’t. Worlds marked with an asterisk are listed as Standard or Priority but are not currently accepting new characters or transfers. Fancy Worlds or New Worlds are free to move to and usually have a low population. There are also some XP bonuses for players living in Preferred Worlds.

World North America

World nameWorld statusAdamantoiseCongestionBalmungCongestionBehemothStandardBrynhildrStandardCactuarStandardCoeurlStandardDiabolosStandardExcaliburStandardExodusStandardElvesStandardFamfritStandardGilgameshStandardGoblinStandardHalicarnassusNewHyperionStandardJenovaStandardLamiaStandardLeviathanStandardMaduinMalboroStandardMari lithNewMateusCongestionMidgardsormrCongestionSargatanasStandardSeraphNewSirenCongestionUltrosStandardZaleraStandard

Japanese World

World nameWorld statusAegisStandardAlexanderStandardAnimationStandardAsuraStandardAtomosPriorityBahamutStandardBeliasStandardCarbuncleStandardChocoboStandardDurandalStandardFenrirStandardGarudaPriorityGungnirPriorityHadesStandardIfritStandardKujataStandardMandragoraStandardMasamuneStandardPandaemoniumStandardRamuhPre ferredRidill StandardShinryuPriorityTiamutStandardTitanStandardTonberryStandardTyphonStandardUltimaStandardUnicornStandardValeforPriorityYojimboStandardZeromusStandard

European world

World nameWorld statusAlphaStandardCerebusStandardLichStandardLouisoixFavoriteMoogleStandardOdinStandardOmegaStandardPhantomPriorityPhoenixStandardRagnarokPriorityRedRaidenStandardSagittariusStandardShivaStandardSprigganStandardTwintaniaStandardZodiarkStandard

Oceania World

World nameWorld statusBismarkNewRavanaNewSephirotNewSophiaNewZurvanNew