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The best Relaxaurus breeding combination in Palworld

Besides being a big, goofy, death-ready Pal, Relaxaurus is also a great breeding partner in Palworld.

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Pocketpair’s “best” Pal discussion Palworld always subjective. You’ve got Best Friends to fight, top Friends in the middle of the game when you’re just a few hours into the game, and of course, there’s Best Friends in Palworld. Then you’ve got Relaxaurus—and I love him.

His design is simple but instantly adorable and you’ll accidentally let out a random sound when you first see him. The big goof seems tough, though, and if you can catch yourself a Relaxaurus then you can also breed it with countless other Friends.

The best friends to breed with Relaxaurus in Palworld

Paldeck page of Relaxaurus in Palworld. Relax. Screenshot of Dot Esports Paldeck page of Relaxaurus in Palworld.Relax. Screenshot of Dot Esports Paldeck page of Relaxaurus in Palworld.Relax. Screenshot of Dot Esports

For Relaxaurus, as a mid-game Pal, breeding it with the likes of Dinossom, Digtoise or Warsect to get a mix of rare and high-level Pals can be useful.

Breeding friends randomly is now a thing of the past because of the mechanism behind it Palworld‘s livestock system was cracked. So without further ado, sit back, Relax-aurus, and check out the best breeding combinations for the big, blue beast.

Parent OneSecond ParentChildrenRelaxaurusCattivaCelarayRelaxaurusSparkitRelaxaurus LuxRelaxaurusMozzarinaIncineramRelaxaurusDinossomElphidranRelaxaurusDigtoiseAnubisRelaxaurusPyrin NoctMenastingRelaxaurusVanwyrm CrystSibelyxRelaxaurusSuzakuAstegonRelaxaurusBlazehowl NoctWumpo Botan RelaxaurusWarsect Jormun tide. tide

Ol’ Relaxaurus is very versatile and the Pals above are just a small part of its fertility. There’s a lot of Relaxaurus noise around, folks.

There are many other Friends to consider when it comes to breeding. Beegarde is another useful livestock companion in PalworldThe same goes for Ragnahawk.