Blog - February 6, 2024

The best Ragnahawk breeding combination in Palworld

If you want to perfect your Paldeck and strengthen your collection of Pals, the best Ragnahawk breeding combinations in Palworld can help.

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Ragnahawk is a must-have Friend Palworld and is one of the fastest flying mounts available. Its uses are not limited to moving around the map, however, as Ragnahawk can also prove extremely handy when breeding.

By carefully choosing the partner you breed your Ragnahawk with, you can get some incredibly powerful Pals, and we’ve selected the best Ragnahawk breeding combinations for you to research.

Best friends to breed with Ragnahawk in Palworld

Ragnahawk's Paldeck page in Palworld.Hawk Eye. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Breeding in Palworld It may seem random at first, but the reality is that there are thousands of breeding combinations to create a specific Pal. Now that you know those combinations, you can use Ragnahawk in breeding to get quick access to some great Friends.

Ragnahawk is an easily available Pal breed, making it a great choice for breeding and we have selected the 10 best Ragnahawk breeding combinations in the table below.

One parentParents twoOffspringRagnahawkLifmunkMozzarinaRagnahawkJolthogReindrixRagnahawkKillamariKitsunRagnahawkIncineramWumpo BotanRagnahawkFoxcicleAnubisRagnahawkUnivoltElphidranRagnahawkTombatAnubisRagnahawkCyrolinxMenastingRagnahawkMammorestWarsectRagnahawkReptyroQuivern

As usual, when breeding in Palworld, It doesn’t matter whether the Ragnahawk you use in one of the pairs above is male or female, although I recommend having a few Ragnahawks that you can rotate around when breeding to have more Passive Skills to choose from .

Ragnahawk can also be used in countless other breeding combinations, but many result in Pals that are not worth the effort because they are easy to catch or require breeding with extremely rare Pals.