Blog - February 2, 2024

The best player-made base designs in Enshrouded

Survival adventure game Cover has quickly grown in popularity since its release for many reasons, including the ability to build incredible bases.

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As you can imagine, players have jumped on this building mechanic and are embracing it, creating all kinds of structures. If you’re looking for building inspiration, here it is The best base designs created by players in Cover we have found so far.


  • Player-created bases are best covered
    • 1) The Hobbit Hole gets out of control
    • 2) Underground base
    • 3) Mage Tower
    • 4) The house starts cozy
    • 5) Cozy little hole (Hobbit)
    • 6) Mountain refuge
    • 7) Town inn
    • 8) Brutality

Player-created bases are best covered

1) The Hobbit Hole gets out of control

It’s easy to get fascinated by your builds. Image via Keen Games and cademore7/Reddit

This first base was created by Reddit user cademore7 and it’s the perfect example of how easy it is for you. Cover build to gradually expand into something you have planned. The structure started out as a Hobbit hole, but as you can see in the video, it expanded into an epic base built into a rock crevice. This is the kind of hobbit hole that Frodo could only dream of.

2) Underground base

I’ve been falling for 30 minutes. Image via Keen Games and onety_one_son/Reddit

Underground bases will probably be a relatively common type of construction Coverbut this particular underground base by onety_one_son on Reddit is a bit more unique due to the mode of transportation to get there.

The clip on Reddit shows the player jumping through a hole in the ground and then falling for a whopping 46 seconds before reaching his base. To be fair, this one probably doesn’t count since you don’t see much of the base, but the unique method of getting to the base makes it worth mentioning.

Thankfully, there was no fall damage. It would be a bit redundant if that were the case, as you’ll end up splashed around a bit when you reach your base.

3) Mage Tower

Only witches. Image via Keen Games and ArgentGHD/Reddit

If you’re thinking about doing some witch roleplay in CoverThen get inspired by ArgentGHD on Reddit and build your own wizard tower.

The tower is quite impressive, looking like something out of an RPG. This is also a great example of versatility when it comes to build-in capabilities Cover, because there are so many things you can build and create. All you need is a little imagination (and a little magic if you want to build a wizard’s tower).

4) The house starts cozy

Fortunately, the housing crisis is non-existent Cover. Image via Keen Games and Poisonblade_IRL on Reddit.

The housing crisis is not something you need to worry about Cover, because you can just build yourself a nice little starter home, like Redditor Poisonblade_IRL did. This starter home has a kitchen and living room area as well as an upstairs bedroom, making for a pretty impressive and detailed place to start when construction begins.

If you’re like me and want to role-play your chance to actually have your own cozy little home, then this build will definitely inspire you.

5) Cozy little hole (Hobbit)

A hole fit for a Hobbit. Image via Keen Games and Jdawgcrane on Reddit.

This build by Redditor Jdawgcrane not only won the best title award, but is also a super cozy little Hobbit hole that makes great use of the building possibilities in Cover.

The Hobbit Hole is built into the rock and has a kitchen, pantry and fire to cook all the second breakfast you want. This build is a great replica of one Lord of the Rings Hobbit hole, so this is something you’ll want to do if you’re one LOTR fan or if you just want a cozy warm hole to cuddle in. Maybe I should rephrase that, right?

6) Mountain refuge

Come live your Viking fantasies. Image via Keen Games and Bellyofthemonth on Reddit.

The hideout of these three players from Bellyofthemonth on Reddit is extremely impressive, especially when you consider Cover It’s only been out for four days at the time this build is posted. This structure is built on the side of a mountain and has a design that gives it a completely Viking-like feel. In addition to the finished interior, there is also a balcony overlooking the vast scenery of the property. Cover map.

7) Town inn

A beautiful and inspiring boarding house. Image via Keen Games and _neverstill on Reddit.

Next, we have an unfinished base design for an inn by _neverstill on Reddit, but I had to include it here even though the interior isn’t finished yet because the exterior is so beautiful. The inn has a design that makes it look like it’s part of the natural environment, so much so that I could easily believe it was a building in the game. Not only does this design match the aesthetic of the rest of the town these players have created, but it’s just an overall very impressive build that clearly took a lot of effort and effort. sharp eyes.

8) Brutality

Every building is special, even the brutality. Image via Keen Games and n0nam3333 on Reddit.

Last but not least the build from a platform is extremely easy to understand Cover player, whose title was chosen for their base design said it all: “Everybody shows off and this is my brutality.”

I wanted to include this one—created by Redditor n0nam3333— because I actually think it’s pretty good, especially compared to the builds I’ve been able to create. Old confidence can be difficult when you see all the incredibly detailed builds other players are creating, so I also wanted to include this to emphasize the fact that creating your own What really doesn’t matter.

Whether it’s an incredible mansion or a small one-room wooden square, be proud of it and don’t hide it just because you think it’s not beautiful enough or as good as more detailed constructions. Be loud and proud about your little wooden square!