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The best player-created Tekken 8 custom characters

Whenever a game lets you create your own custom character or outfit, you can be sure that there will be players going above and beyond to create some incredible custom characters—and sometimes when terrified—.

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Tekken 8 is the latest fighting game that allows players to create custom outfits, just like other games in the series, and the result is a simple yet highly entertaining game. With this in mind, we’ll take a look at the best that have been created by players Tekken 8 Custom characters add a bit of fun to the game.

The best Tekken 8 customer character costumes created by players

1. Leon Kennedy

Smash some heads like Leon with this character customization ability. Image via Bandai Namco and schmick28 on Reddit

This outfit is a must for Resident devil fans, as it turns boxer Jin Kazama into NOT RE main character Leon Kennedy. This outfit was created by Reddit user schmick28 and is so well crafted that it could easily be turned into a mod instead of a custom character.

From the fur-trimmed leather jacket to the ’90s boy band hairstyle, this outfit captured Leon’s look perfectly while also giving him some style thanks to his cool nature. Jin.

2. Harley Quinn and Joker

A match made in hell. Image via Bandai Namco and deathbystools on Reddit

Suicide Squad: Destroy the Justice League had a controversial premiere, but if you’re not interested in seeing the entire movie, you can still get your DC fix Tekken 8 by recreating the Joker and Harley Quinn, like deathbystools on Reddit did.

These outfits are for fighters Azcuena and Claudio, and feature classic Joker and Harley color schemes. If you’re a fan of DC’s infamous villains, be sure to check out these custom costumes.

3. Peter Griffin

So sweet. Image via Bandai Namco and RIPMrMufasi on Reddit

Next up is the custom costume for the Jack-8 warrior who has been transformed Fortress star (and family guy star too, I guess), Peter Griffin.

This Peter is based on the Peter buff we saw in FortressEven so, he still shows off his traditional white shirt, blue pants and brown shoes. The skin was created on Reddit by RIPMrMufasi and has the perfect tagline: “Hey Lois, remember that time I fought in the Iron Fist Tournament?” I guarantee you’ll read that line in Peter Griffin’s voice.

4. Blade

Become a badass with this custom Blade costume. Images via Bandai Namco and Snoo35886 on Reddit.

Snoo35886 is the sequel with this stunning reimagining of Blade—Marvel’s incredibly cool half-vampire—as costume for the warrior Raven.

It was a simple outfit, consisting of a completely leather outfit with a katana attached to the back and classic red glasses. This is a perfect example of how a simple outfit can still be incredibly special and really bring the character to life. Great job, Snoo.

5. Walter White and Gus Fring

Let’s cook. Images via Bandai Namco and GJTobi on Reddit

If you are one Bad break fans, you know how the showdown between Walter White and Gus Fring went. Get ready to enter an alternate universe where the two simply beat each other up with these outfits.

Redditor GJTobi brilliantly recreated Walter as Bryan’s costume and Gus as Raven’s costume — although I think we can all agree that using the ponytail as a tie for Gus is even worse. more than a little disturbing. But hey, if it works then it works.

6. Divine Super Saiyan Goku

You haven’t even seen my final form yet. Images via Bandai Namco and Gooddest_Boi on Reddit

As you can imagine, there are a lot of anime recreations of the word Tekken 8 character creation system. One of my personal favorites is the Goku costume for Lars from Gooddest_Boi on Reddit.

The outfit recreates Goku’s divine Super Saiyan transformation, blue hair and all. Not only does it showcase Goku’s famous spiky hair, but his classic orange and blue outfit is also quite perfect. Like I said, there are plenty of anime-inspired designs out there Tekken 8but this Goku has to be one of the best.

7. John Wick

I was thinking I was back. Image via Bandai Namco and Silenti7 on Reddit

Joh Wick movies feature incredibly impressive fight choreography and action scenes, and with this custom John Wick design from Silenti7, you can start recreating that coolness in Tekken 8.

This custom is for warrior Victor and it features an all-black outfit along with some guns as accessories and sleek black hair so you can style Keanu Reeves while also kicking some serious ass.

8. Samus Aran

Metroid meets Doom. Image via Bandai Namco and Vectormus on Reddit

Another outfit for Lars is this incredibly well-crafted Samus Aran armor set from Vectormus on Reddit.

In addition to excellently recreating Samus’ armor, this fan-made look for Lars also has a Doomguy vibe thanks to those exposed arms. The helmet is my favorite part, as it’s so perfectly Samus coded that I’m surprised Nintendo didn’t try to copyright it.

9. Johnny Bravo

Oh my god. Image via Bandai Namco and Crazy_Brian on Reddit

’90s kids like me can remember the classic Cartoon Network show Johnny Bravo. The Elvis wannabe chasing women is iconic, and he gets a modern recreation with this custom take on boxer Paul from Redditor Crazy_Brian.

Johnny Bravo has a muscular and eye-catching hairstyle, and Crazy_Brian brings this look to life with towering blonde hair, a black muscle t-shirt, and blue jeans. The sunglasses are the finishing touch that brings the 90s cartoon star to life.

Now, all that’s left to do is choose your favorite female fighter and defeat him to truly recreate the feeling of battle. Johnny Bravo Shows.

10. Bayonet

This gorgeous Bayonetta custom for Zafina has to be a winner. Images via Bandai Namco and Buff Gigas on YouTube

YouTuber Hello! Can you buff Gigas? create a lot of epic costumes for Tekken 8 that it’s hard to choose my favorite. Their recreated characters include Ash from PokémonScorpio from War to the deathTifa from The ultimate illusion series and Nezuko from Demon Slayer, to name a few. But most of all, Zafina as Bayonetta is definitely my favorite character.

This Bayonetta costume is a beautiful customization that expertly captures the essence of her personality with style and grace. Buff Gigas has a special talent when it comes to bringing characters to life through Tekken 8 customization system, so be sure to check out the full YouTube video compilation to see all the outfits they designed.