Blog - February 4, 2024

The best player-created Palworld base designs

One of the first things you need to do when you walk in Palworld is to build your base. There are countless ways to build a house for you and your friends, but some take it to the next level in terms of design, architecture, and silliness.

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Here are a few of us Created by favorite players Palworld basewith a healthy mix of efficiency, essential equipment, and memes.

Best player Palworld base

Maximum security

My son and I are working at a base. We are having so much fun!
byu/TheTrucce inPalworld

If there’s anything I learned from my time playing Ark: Evolution of survival, it’s a new appreciation for home security. Sure, Palworld Far from similar games box, but enclosing your most important Friends and buildings inside a massive wall? That is compulsory.

Any tough invader would have difficulty breaching a base like this, with its central stone structure and 15-foot long walls made of sharp wooden pillars. You should definitely take the time to secure your hard-earned gear like this father-son duo did.

Don’t like the default stairs? Let’s try something more unusual

Found a way to create custom stairs through the use of Benches!
byu/Kenobi-Kun inPalworld

Once you start building your base, you’ll likely quickly run out of room in the middle of the camp—so why not build instead? A few floors of brick and stone will keep your important projects like workbenches and assembly lines safe.

But if you find the default stairs boring or lackluster, one player found an interesting solution using benches. Build a bench on the ground, then place a second bench on top of the existing one, then repeat until you get to the next floor!

Wooden cabin observation station

No railing? Use the bench!
byu/Orca_Mayo inPalworld

After a long day of exploring, gathering, and hunting, you’ll probably want to return to a beautiful cozy home, and nothing beats this player’s cliffside manor. The high wall in front protects from any intruders while the natural cliff face prevents anyone from attacking behind.

As an added feature, they also have unique used couches; by placing them at the edge of the yard, they can climb up the side and cling to them like handrails, making it easy to get in—just in case you leave your front door key in the Pal Box.

Base? Like a whole town

Mid-game “Village” base.
byu/Val2int inPalworld

The game has only been out for a week, but some players have already built some pretty impressive “bases” — of which this one is my personal favorite. A single building? No way, what about a small village with each property serving a different purpose?

Spread your Pals and equipment across multiple residences for maximum efficiency. Oh, and definitely do some stonework. However, as another player said, if a Fire-type Pal enters, this town will go to hell.

Truly Gothic

Hello Caelid, My Old Friend…
byu/LordCharidarn inPalworld

No, this player did not build this old church, but it has inspired a lot of Palworld players who are using this type of architecture as part of their builds.

There may be a mod out there (or coming soon) with more improvements in building items and buildings, but for now, I think having a house centered around a church-style Old Gothic is pretty awesome (even if it’s a bit odd). a logistical nightmare moving in and out of it).

A room with a view

Proud of my base
byu/Acozi inPalworld

Location is everything in Palworldand building your base next to important landmarks like dungeons and ore mines is key to expanding your base and leveling up. At the same time, why not aim for both usefulness and aesthetics?

This player’s impressive riverside cabin is located right below a mountain and waterfall, giving you a beautiful view when returning to camp. Not only that, with abundant resources nearby, it’s the perfect place to set up and push into the late game.

Fort Knox

New base – Try me bandit
byu/Karma__a inPalworld

Those pesky Fire-types will have a hard time burning down this massive structure. This player can quickly get to the beach and mountains filled with Pal and ore, and if bandits come hunting, it will turn into a real bunker.

I can’t wait to see this type of building with the Machine Gun technology upgrade on top. I would call the owner before approaching their property.