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The best player-created buildings in Enshrouded

Construction tools at your disposal Cover is quite impressive and allows you to freely shape the world around you by terraforming your way through the mountains and placing blocks of all shapes and sizes together however you desire.

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You can create all kinds of amazing buildings using tools Cover provide. If you want inspiration for what to build next or just want to see what kinds of creations players have been dreaming up, here it is the best player-created buildings in Cover.

Best player Cover buildings

hobbit hole

My hobbit hole, absolutely love this game.
byu/qtcowley inEnshrouded

Powerful terraforming tools let you completely design your own Hobbit hole from the ground up. Lord of the Rings. You can dig into any grassy mountain and build a small building filled with all of your most important assets. It’s a great way to build a base that’s both unique and safe, plus it’s by far one of the coolest ways to create something beyond your standard building.

The house started out rustic

Completed my starter home
byu/Poisonblade_IRL inEnshrouded

If you’re looking for a simpler build that’s easy to craft for any type of player, you might like this simple yet gorgeous rustic starter home. The more rustic style fits perfectly into the world of Embervale, and this player has created a truly beautiful and cozy home.

Blacksmith’s house

I’m going to leave this here and pretend I didn’t spend 2 hours building the blacksmith’s house.
byu/danilodlr inEnshrouded

The quest The Blacksmith Needs a Shop requires you to create a building dedicated to this important Craftsman, and this player decided to spend a lot of time making sure the building they made for him was extremely expensive. detail and authenticity. The shop is equipped with all of the Blacksmith’s equipment, several handy lockers, and even a small room for him to rest in although he will always be working.

This is a great idea that you can use even beyond the Blacksmith to design unique buildings tailored to each of the six Craftsmen in Cover.

Castle by the cliff

Cliffside Castle WIP
byu/hanne_lind inEnshrouded

If you want to make big money, there’s no better option than building a massive castle, which is exactly what this player did. This cliffside palace is massive and might inspire you to build your own castle entirely from scratch. Location is key and this place has great views along with the perfect area to build a castle around.

Totem Inn titled

Tilted Totem Inn is now open for dining and boarding! One of many buildings in our town, but this is our favorite so far.
byu/_neverstill inEnshrouded

This Cover players designed the entire town, and one of the most impressive buildings in it is their Titled Totem Inn. It’s a cozy looking establishment with an impressive amount of detail.

There is a large and luxurious dining area next to a lush garden, a bar that you can roll up to complete with a functional cooking area that you can use and plenty of comfortable bedrooms. roof to rest. The creator of this structure did such a good job that I would step inside and think it was one of the real buildings you can find around Embervale and not a player-created structure.

Witch Tower

What do you think about my wizard tower? It took me too long to build. (not done yet)
byu/ArgentGHD inEnshrouded

The Wizard is one of the best classes you can play Cover, especially if you carefully work to create the best Wizard build. If you decide to go this route, you’ll need an impressive tower to match your magical skill set.

This player has created one of the tallest and grandest buildings possible. It is the tower of the mighty Magus and a testament to how tall and great you can build if you are willing to put in the work.

Hunter’s paradise

Hunter’s house. Doing this is fun, the skulls are like sculpting, but it takes me more effort than at the blacksmith’s house.
byu/danilodlr inEnshrouded

Players who worked hard to design the Blacksmith shop also worked to give Hunters their own shelter. Around the house there are carefully sculpted stone skulls and other shapes to really give this building a very unique look.

Floating fortress

Powerful magic tower
byu/Big-Dick_Bazuso inEnshrouded

Although this building is still a work in progress, it is already one of the most stunning designs created by players. It looks pretty spectacular floating above the ground and comes complete with a hidden lair, a secret lab, and a rooftop garden, all in the same giant tower.

Huge fortress

The exterior construction is finally completed. Love this game!
byu/Popular_Ad_4094 inEnshrouded

This building was unlike many others I had seen as it seemed much more defensive and fortified. It’s a pretty massive stone building with some nice wooden accents and looks great any time of day.

Fixer on

Cool house upgrade I found, thank god for scaffolding! Work slowly from the bottom up. Wish there was some kind of camera or FPV mode, getting good screenshots is difficult.
byu/Leading_Recover8768 inEnshrouded

If you’re looking at all these creations and thinking you can’t design anything close, consider trying what this player did and improving a building already in the game to create something as amazing as they did. You are free to add to any building you come across in the world and turn what could have been something in need of repair into the home of your dreams.

Floating tower

Build a floating witch tower
byu/ship inEnshrouded

Floating buildings are one of the most interesting types of buildings you can create, which is probably why so many floating buildings Cover players have chosen to construct buildings in this style. This build is especially impressive thanks to the intricate way they carefully placed the glowing blocks near the bottom to really create a magical floating illusion for this building.

Fortified castle

Castle construction – In progress
byu/Escalusia inEnshrouded

Your base automatically becomes a safe haven, but it’s still fun to give it a fortified design for more detail. This fortified castle is huge and demonstrates just how big a base you can make. All parts of this castle are interconnected, which means it’s also extremely efficient for commuting and working when needed.

Roman style villa

Roman villa housing all my craftsmen and their future apartments (WIP)
byu/navarugaming in Enshrouded

If you’re not up for the idea of ​​creating separate buildings for each of the six Craftsmen, you can take inspiration from this player and instead stick them all into one apartment-like building. voluminous. This is a really well-organized way to keep track of where each character is and their working equipment, plus it looks pretty impressive with its interesting mix of rustic and modern style.

Cozy house

My little little house
byu/TheBasicBuilder_YT in Enshrouded

A quaint and simple lifestyle is perfect for the world Embervale inhabits Cover, adorable cozy little houses like these are some of the simplest yet most impressive buildings you can create. The small size of tiny houses also makes them quite easy to build, and there are lots of great building blocks you can use to give your home whatever look and feel you desire to resemble. like this player did.