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The best Persona 3 reload mods

Reload Persona 3 has only just been released but fans have already created a ton of mods to adapt the remake of the 2006 game.

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There are so many amazing things Reload Persona 3 Mods are already available online, put together entirely by fans, to let you start changing the game in a variety of ways. Most of the mods we are about to look at come from Reload Persona 3 on GameBanana, where more mods appear every day.

Here are all the best Reload Persona 3 mods you should download.


  • The best Persona 3 reload mods
    • Persona 3 Reload Basics
    • Overhauled Pixelguin’s controller UI
    • FES Makoto outfit
    • Mod loader enabled
    • Useful text
    • Opening subtitles
    • ‘Mod’ improves Persona 3’s graphics

The best Reload Persona 3 mod

Reload Persona 3 Nesessary elemental

It’s a mod for your mod. Change. Images via ATLUS and AnimatedSwine37 on GameBanana.

This first mod by AnimatedSwine37 is a handy tool that makes any modifications take effect much easier. It allows mods to replace files in the PC version of Personal reload 3. While it may seem like a mod that only works on PC, it also works with the Xbox version from any digital store.

The mod works by using Unreal Essentials to replace files, so you’ll need to read the linked GitHub documentation carefully to make sure you know exactly how to create and set up your mods beforehand.

Overhauled Pixelguin’s controller UI

A must have for console and controller users. Images via ATLUS and Pixelguin on GameBanana.

Next up is a Pixelguin mod aimed primarily at console users, although it will have a Steam Deck version soon. This mod focuses on improving the internal control button prompts Reload Persona 3 by focusing on readability and accuracy. There are variants for Nintendo, Xbox, PlayStation 4 and 5, and the Steam Deck is coming soon.

FES Makoto outfit

Revive Person 3 DOES with this mode. Images via ATLUS and MadMax1960 on GameBanana.

This is a simple but fun mod by MadMax1960, replacing the model for Reload version of character 3 main character Makoto Yuki with FES model, but only when he wears his normal geko outfit in battle. This means that this model is not slot-specific, even though it is a full-body model. It also means that this pattern will not destroy regular patterns and is compatible with other outfits.

This is sure to be a blast from the past for players who remember Person 3 DOES affectionate and wanted to bring a bit of a vintage feel to Reload Persona 3.

Mod loader enabled

It’s simple, but it works. Images via ATLUS and Pixelguin on GameBanana.

This is another mod by Pixelguin that allows players to test their mod loader quickly by changing the Press Any Button text on the title screen to Mod Loader Enabled. If you see Mod Loader Enabled then your mod loader is definitely active.

Useful text

UWU, so cute! Image via ATLUS and uploaded to GameBanana.

Please don’t hate me for including this mod in the list. I just love that someone actually made an effort to do this. Wudabed is the hero we needed in the modding community, but not the one we deserved.

The mod makes things a little more cute and “uwu” by changing all the R’s and L’s in the main game font to W’s. An example of this is when asking a character what their last name is. If you are afraid, one of the answers you can choose is: “I am a weak person.”

This mod’s description and tagline make it even more adorable, with the tagline being “The worst mod you’ll ever download” and the description saying, “Every character now talks like an ultimate online furry”. Wudabed ended by writing “I’m so sorry” but then crossed it out. Never apologize for art, wudabed.

Opening subtitles

Get ready for karaoke night with this mod. Image via ATLUS and uploaded to GameBanana.

Wudabed’s silly but super fun visual talent Reload Persona 3 mod does not end with Uwufied Text. This one is a little less silly than that, but still a lot of fun.

Open subtitles mod sets subtitles for the song used in Reload Persona 3Opening soon so you can have a little karaoke session. That’s all you get with this mod, but do you really need anything else? This is a must for those who love the opening theme (Full Moon Full by Azumi Takahashi) and enjoy a bit of light singing while playing the game.

character 3 Improved ‘Mod’ graphics

With SSGI. Images via ATLUS and TysoPiccoso2 on Reddit.

Last but not least, a mod that improves the graphics was actually posted to Reddit because the creator was unable to upload it to GameBanana or Nexus Mods. This is not so much a mod as a set of instructions on how to add SSGI lighting, although I will include it because it is still technically a “mod.” Along with including the SSGI lighting system, the mod also offers a number of optional enhancements, such as higher resolution shadows.

No SSGI. Images via ATLUS and TysoPiccoso2.

The original Reddit post goes into detail on how to get started with this character 3 mod, available for both Xbox and Steam players. If you want to try it on Xbox, you’ll need to install the Universal Unreal unlocker for the Unreal Engine 4 program. The Steam version does not require a download. All you need to do is find Engine.ini, paste the necessary commands there and then make the INI read-only.

The full list of commands can be found on the original Reddit thread.