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The best party in Persona 3 Reloaded

Reload Persona 3 reintroducing players to the original character 3 cast. With so many characters to choose from—there are 10 from the base game to start—creating the perfect party of four ready to traverse the floors of Tartarus is a daunting task. That said, the list has some excellent combinations to create the ultimate party.

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  • Balanced party
  • Physical attack group
  • Magic attack party
  • Party sustains damages

The best party in Reload Persona 3

The best party lineup in Reload Persona 3 will vary depending on your play style and how you want to approach combat. Each character in the game brings something different to the table, some focus on physical attacks, others focus on magical attacks, and the rest have strong support abilities strong.

A good way to identify a strong squad is to have a little bit of everything. That said, if you prefer a more specialized approach, there are many different party components to meet those needs. For clarity, we’ve created some team formations that you can use depending on the situation you encounter. If you like to play on higher difficulty levels (Hard/Merciless), having a specialized squad becomes even more important.

These compositions will get you through most areas in Tartarus:

  • Balance side: A healthy combination of attack and defense.
  • Physical Attacker: The formation is more about attacking and focusing on physical damage.
  • Magic attack group: The formation is more offensive and focuses on magic damage.
  • Party sustaining damages: A defensive-minded lineup that focuses on rebounding.

But before talking about the best lineup, an important member of SEES must be recognized.

Special mention: Fuuka Yamagishi

Image of Fuuka using the Theology skill in Persona 3 Reload.Silent guardian. Screenshot of Dot Esports.

Although Fuuka is not an active participant in battles, her backline support can make any of the following compositions possible. Fuuka constantly powers up the team with things they need like attack, defense, accuracy and evasion, while her abilities will unlock enemy weaknesses and scan floors. Her Personas Lucia and Juno bring even more to the battlefield.

Fuuka Oracle’s Theology skill allows her to bestow a random positive effect on all allies upon use while Juno grants an enhanced positive effect. Just make sure to have her analyze the enemies to start. As Fuuka levels up, she will gain more skills that help you break down your enemies’ strengths and weaknesses faster.

Next, choose the formation that suits your play style and get started.

Balanced party

Image of the main character using Cadenza in Persona 3 Reload.The main character brings balance. Screenshot of Dot Esports.

The balanced group consists of characters that deal a fair amount of damage while having adequate defense. for your first time Reload Persona 3 run, this is the party you should play as it can help you get through most of the battles with ease.

  • Protagonist: Physical Damage, Omnipotent Damage, Utility
  • Yukari: Penetrating damage, wind damage, healing, debuff
  • Junpei: Slash damage, fire damage
  • Akihiko: Attack Damage, Electric Damage, Buff

Since the Protagonist is very flexible in which Personas he can use, it is best to choose physical damage on the offensive front with Omnipotent damage as a backup. With multiple Personas available to the Main Character, it is helpful to have some Personas with Utility skills to benefit your party.

Yukari mainly acts as a support and secondary damage dealer. Her high magic stat will also ensure good Wind damage while her healing and resurrection skills will help your party survive long battles.

Junpei is one of the toughest ranged attackers in the remastered game, and his arsenal of Slash damage skills can take down enemies in short order. For enemies immune to Slash, Junpei’s Fire skill is a great replacement while his Theology skill increases his damage output even further, even helping him heal Completely healthy.

Akihiko completes this squad with physical and magical damage. His offensive abilities, defenses, and critical strike chances are perfect for all damage types. Akihiko’s Theology skill also ignores resistances and has a chance to shock enemies.

Physical attack group

Image of Koromaru using the Theology skill in Persona 3 Reload.Hit fast, hit hard. Screenshot of Dot Esports.

This team component specializes in powerful physical damage. Since this squad is purely physical damage based, we include team members who unleash Slash, Strike, and Stab to cover all bases and hit every physical weakness.

  • Protagonist: Omnipotent Damage, Utility, Heal, Debuff
  • Akihiko: Attack Damage, Electric Damage, Buff
  • Aigis: Piercing Damage, Slashing Damage, Utility
  • Koromaru: Slash damage, Dark damage, Buff

With the party focusing on heavy physical damage, the Protagonist will hang back and focus on healing and keeping his teammates alive. If the enemy is immune to physical damage, equipping the almighty damage skill will be extremely useful in difficult situations.

Akihiko’s role in this squad is for his Strike skills and physical buffs, not to mention, every time he uses a buff skill, his Theurgy bar starts to fill up, helping him He has access to powerful skills.

Aigis is an attack vehicle. Her skill set includes both Pierce damage and Slash damage, allowing her to exploit various physical weaknesses. Orgia mode gives her explosive power in exchange for losing control of Aigis for a few turns, so trade wisely.

Koromaru is the perfect good boy to solve this problem Reload Persona 3 squad deals physical damage with their powerful Slash skill. Against physical immune enemies, he brings the power of Darkness and instant kill skills. His Theurgy skill greatly enhances the entire party’s physical damage on the next attack.

Magic attack party

Image of Yukari using the Liturgy skill in Persona 3 Reload.Burn, freeze and shock your enemies. Screenshot of Dot Esports.

Similar to the previous layout, this team’s formation is more offensive-oriented but relies on magic damage instead. Since magic is so diverse in elements, our lineup will strive for maximum coverage of different element types.

  • Protagonist: Omnipotent damage, Fire damage, Light damage, Dark damage
  • Yukari: Wind damage, piercing damage, Buff, healing
  • Mitsuru: Ice Damage, Slashing Damage, Status Ailment
  • Akihiko: Electric Damage, Attack Damage, Buff, Debuff

In this formation, the Protagonist goes all-out on the offensive, unleashing the most powerful elemental skills his Persona can provide. Blend a healthy mix of Light and Dark damage for instant kills, Omnipotent damage for defeating immunes, and Fire damage for complete elemental coverage .

With the Protagonist’s massive damage, Yukari has to back down. Her Wind damage is great for elemental coverage while her Theurgy skill buffs the entire party with a huge damage boost to the next magical attack used by all allies use.

Mitsuru’s focus lies entirely on her powerful Ice spells that can freeze enemies, allowing your physical damage to deal critical hits. Her Theology skill allows her to completely ignore resistances and adds Almighty damage to the mix, making for a powerful magical damage dealer.

Ultimately, Akihiko’s role in this squad is to provide buffs to your team and debuffs to enemies, ensuring that your team hits fast and hits hard. His Electric Damage is certainly nothing to scoff at, especially with his powerful Theology skill.

Party sustains damages

Image of Ken using the Theology skill in Persona 3 Reload.Keep your party alive. Screenshot of Dot Esports.

This squad focuses more on surviving extended skirmishes, especially boss fights, by ensuring your team remains healthy. This means there’s a mix of healing, healing, bug purifying, and some resurrection skills.

  • Protagonist: Full damage, Light damage, Dark damage, Heal, Buff, Utility
  • Yukari: Wind damage, Piercing damage, Healing, Healing
  • Aigis: Physical damage, Heal
  • Ken: Light damage, Healing, Healing

The main character, like everyone else in this squad, focuses on healing skills and strengthening his team. In terms of damage, you can’t go wrong with Omnipotent damage to overcome any resistance. Keep Light and Dark damage in your back pocket for some instant kill skills.

Yukari is your main healer. In addition to her healing abilities, she also has access to cures to dispel any status ailments as well as early resurrection skills. On the offensive side, her Wind damage is quite high thanks to her impressive Magic stat boost.

Aigis is the damage dealer of this squad, bringing Pierce and Slash damage to your team. Orgia Mode allows her to use autopilot while Maximum Firepower is great for focusing on shooting down troublesome enemies. Aigis has her own healing skills due to how much health her physical skills consume.

Ken is a source of light damage and a great defensive character. His Smite Divine Art skill allows him to ignore Light resistances and deal severe damage. Ken also has the best resurrection skill in Divine Intervention, allowing him to revive and fully heal all party members, while also placing buffs on them to reflect the next attack they receive Okay.