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The best party in Granblue Fantasy: Relink

IN Granblue Fantasy: Relink, Your enemies and characters can be weak or strong against specific Elements, which means every battle requires something a little different. That means each composition boils down to three main points—Elements, Roles, and Skills—which means we can build the best party focusing on perfecting that is quite easy.

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Best team in Granblue Fantasy: Relinking

There are so many characters to choose from. Image via Cygames

With 18 characters and an element-based combat system, best team in Granblue Fantasy: Relinking include Best character from every element. The best characters to choose from each element include:

  • Fire: Zeta (DPS) and Percival (DPS)
  • Water: Lancelot (DPS) and Katalina (DPS and Healing Support)
  • Earth: Cagliostro (Support-Healer) and Eugen (Balance)
  • Wind: Gran/Djeeta (DPS and Support)
  • Light: Io (DPS and Support) and Ferry (Special)
  • Evening: Narmaya (DPS) and Id (DPS)

Now, you won’t be able to take all of these characters into battle because your party can only have a maximum of four characters and there are six Elemental types. So you will have character on the bench. But this way, if one of your characters is weak against an enemy, you can change that character to another character that is neutral or strong against that type. It’s a great way to protect your base and ensure you don’t incur any unnecessary damage.

Another point of interest is related to the character’s skills. You usually want to choose a DPS character with a strong Elemental type to fight your enemies. That way, they can deal more damage and you can end the fight quickly, which is great if you’re trying to get clear time bonuses for quests. If I’ve deployed all of my elemental characters against my strong enemies, I tend to pick neutral characters with full DPS, or if my team is DPS heavy and I’m worried about losing Blood, I would choose DPS/Healer Hybrid Character.

However, we all have biases and choose teams based on preferences. My target team currently includes Narmaya, Io, Cagliosto and Zeta. But I’ll spare another character or two if they’re weak against enemies or change my lineup, depending on the boss and whether I need CC (Lancelot has great CC), stun, healing and DPS.

With this in mind, you can create the best composition for any situation as long as you choose characters that are strong or at least neutral against your enemies.

Granblue Fantasy: Relinking Elemental element combat system, explained

IN Granblue Fantasy: Relink, each element is strong and weak compared to other element types, as shown in the table below. It is important to note that although the Light and Dark elements are strong against each other, they are also vulnerable to each other.

ElementStrong againstWeak against EarthWaterWindFireWindWaterWater (Ice)FireEarthWindEarthFireLightDarkDarkLightTip:

If the enemy is a Fire element type, you will want to use a Water element character, or if your enemy is an Earth element type, you will want to use Gran/Djeeta.

By leveling up the best characters in each element and understanding the element’s weakness system, you can create the best team for every combat situation in the world. Granblue Fantasy: Relinking.