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The best kits to use in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team

There’s a lot to do as you strive for glory EA FC 24 Ultimate Team, but does that matter unless you’re wearing the best kit when competing?

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You will need to choose a home and away kit, and if you are looking for the best football kits to use in EA FC 24We’ve got your back here.

Inter Miami – Home kit

Screenshot showing the Inter Miami kit in EA FC 24.Real men wear pink. Screenshot of Dot Esports.

With Lionel Messi in the squad, it would certainly be a crime not to have a great outfit. Thankfully, Inter Miami has certainly succeeded in that regard with a special set of themes that are truly captivating EA FC 24.

Pink stands out and is one of the less used colors for football teams, while black accents with Adidas stripes, club names and sponsors blend perfectly with the design. If you want a different design, Inter Miami have you covered with their away kit, which is mainly black with pink accents.

Girona – Third set

Screenshot showing the Girona kits in EA FC 24.My Girona. Screenshot of Dot Esports.

Another option in the color palette that is less used for football teams is green, especially the darker shades, but this has been chosen as the main approach for the second kit. three of Girona—and two shades of green that go together beautifully.

The use of a darker tone for the main design provides a solid foundation, although the design is really highlighted by the use of a lighter blue for the collar, sleeve edges, sponsors, club badges Puma kits and badges. Girona are also a good choice as they are one of the less represented teams in the EA FC 24, so you don’t feel like you’re betraying your club.

AFC Bournemouth – Away shirt

Screenshot showing Bournemouth's EA FC kit.A cherry on top. Screenshot of Dot Esports.

AFC Bournemouth have always had a solid design for their home kits, with their black and red home strip stripes, but the Premier League side have really impressed this season with The brilliant away kit is worth a look.

The blue background makes the set stand out immediately, but again, it’s the darker accents on the set that really complement the design—especially the decision to not use a standard color of the badge but instead adjusts it for a darker blue color scheme. On the front, the wavy design with a darker blue tone is the cherry on the cake.

Venice – Houseware set

Screenshot showing the Venezia kits in EA FC 24.Bellissimo. Screenshot of Dot Esports.

Venezia may not be in the top flight of Italian football and have a long way to go to compete with Europe’s elite, but almost every year they feature in the shortlist. The best football shirts for the current season.

This year is no different as the black design is finished with yellow accents on the collar and sleeves. Yellow is again used for the team name and Kappa badge, but the club badge stands out even more with a much sleeker and 3D design. The orange and green stripes down the middle add color to the design but one of the most striking features is that there is no sponsor plastered on the front.

Bohemian FC – Away shirt

Screenshot showing Bohemian FC kits in EA FC 24.A solid look. Screenshot of Dot Esports.

Bohemian FC’s away kit is the perfect combination of excellent design and one for a good cause as in fact, 10% of the proceeds from the shirt will help support children in Tulkarem city in the Palestinian West Bank.

You can show your support for the partnership with Sport for Life Palestine at EA FC 24 using the Bohemian FC away kit, which features a white kit with black accents on the shoulders, collar and sleeves. The design also features black, green and red triangles in a smart pattern throughout the design.

Aberdeen – Away shirt

Screenshot showing the Aberdeen kits in EA FC 24.Flashing lights. Screenshot of Dot Esports.

The Scottish club have taken a similar approach to Bohemian FC by showcasing part of their heritage, with an away shirt design celebrating the Northern Lights that can be seen in Aberdeen and surrounding areas around.

The black model is the perfect backdrop for the purple and light blue accents dotted throughout the kit, while also being a rare instance of a club sponsor actually incorporating the kit in a big way. beautiful and not distracting. Made by Adidas, the famous stripes on the shoulders look amazing when they are split into two halves with two colors used throughout the design.

Mexico – Away shirt

Screenshot showing the Mexican kit in EA FC 24.Can you rock this set? You Mexican-maybe. Screenshot of Dot Esports.

The Mexico national team has had some great kits over the years but the 2022 away kit really stands out as one of the best, with a great color scheme and unique design. unique.

The cream base on the shirt is covered in Maya-like artwork spread throughout, with a red outline used for the Adidas logo and the usual stripes. Of course, you can’t have a Mexican suit without green somewhere, which can be found on the collar.

Fiorentina – Home kit

Screenshot showing the Fiorentina kit in EA FC 24.A set of grapes. Screenshot of Dot Esports.

Few clubs have a home color scheme as striking as Fiorentina’s purple, which is further enhanced with a wavy design across the entire kit that really enhances the look.

White accents for the sponsor, Kappa badge and collar fit together perfectly, while the purple-blocked underarms of the outfit provide another standout area to you focus. The product set is inspired by the lily, the symbol of the city of Florence, and is presented in patterned form.

Real Madrid – Third set

Screenshot showing Real Madrid's kit in EA FC 24.European Kings. Screenshot of Dot Esports.

Sometimes simple is better and that is certainly Adidas’ approach for Real Madrid’s third kit, which features a simple design but stands out with the colors chosen.

The black background throughout creates a smart design, with yellow used for the sponsor, Adidas logo and club crest standing out against the dark background. On the shoulders, the Adidas stripes are gray and can be difficult to spot at first glance.

Real Betis – Away kit

Screenshot showing the Real Betis kit in EA FC 24.Green is good. Screenshot of Dot Esports.

Hummel have really turned things up with their designs this season and the Real Betis away kit is a throwback to the 1980s.

The basic green gives a classic look and the polo collar is smart, featuring a Hummel ribbon running across the shoulders and the collar edges dipped in white—with white also used for the Hummel and sponsor badges club. Hummel’s famous chevrons are used throughout the design to create a shimmering backdrop for the kit, recalling the 80s kits of teams such as Norway, Real Madrid and Southampton .

The best kit in EA FC 24 mobile—is there a difference?

You will find all the mentioned kits in the mobile version of EA FC 24. The main difference will be how the design appears on larger screens compared to mobile screens. No matter which variation you prefer, rest assured that the kits on our list will look great no matter which platform you choose!