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The best Jormuntide Ignis breeding combination in Palworld

If you have successfully captured one Burning of Jormunts IN Palworld, you know how difficult it is to catch this powerful Pal in the wild. Luckily for players, all that effort will result in a great companion and a perfect candidate for breeding to get some rare Pals.

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Breeding Jormuntide Ignis will help you get many different types of Friends, although some may be more special than others. Depending on the partner, Palworld Players can expect a range of different results when combining this powerful Fire Dragon type, from the extremely rare to the extremely common. Trial and error is the only way to find out the best combinationBut there are some standout options.

The following is Best breeding combination for Jormuntide Ignis if you’re looking to crack a few eggs and earn a few Friends.

Best Jormuntide Ignis Breeding Combo in Palworld

Since Jormuntide burned can only be taken in one place on the map, this is a rare Pal that should only be combined with the highest level Pals for the best chance at creating rare offspring. You can experiment with a lot of different Pals, but these are the best combinations to create stronger Pals for your team.

Jormuntide Ignis CombinationThe result is PalJormuntide Ignis + DinossomAnubisJormuntide Ignis + PyrinWarsectJormuntide Ignis + RayhoundPenkingJormuntide Ignis + BushiWumbo BotanJormuntide Ignis + SibelyxRagnahawkJormuntide Ignis + RelaxaurusMammorestJormuntide Ignis + Jormuntide IgnisJormuntide IgnisJormunt ide Ignis + SuzakuHelzephyrJormuntide Ignis + WarsectElizabeeJormuntide Ignis will almost always create rare Pals from breeding, but the best combination you can pair him with dinosaur. By breeding two Pals together, they will produce Anubis, is one of the best Pals in the game. It boasts level four Crafting, level three Mining, and level two Transport, dealing a lot of damage and can even dodge enemy attacks on its own.

Anubis is also only found during desert boss fights, making this a great way to avoid having to travel all the way through the difficult Alpha Pal battle. Instead, grab your well-earned Jormuntide Ignis and use the power of love to create your own Anubis while you sit back, relax, and continue your adventure.