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The best Jormuntide breeding combination in Palworld

Jormuntide has been the best Watering Pal of all Palworld, but why stop there? There are dozens of new Pals you can unlock by breeding with Jormuntide, and those Pals range from Mozzarina and Melpaca to Menasting and Anubis.

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Throwing Jormuntide into your Livestock can lead to quite a few things, so not all results are ideal. To get the best results, make sure you check out the best Jormuntide breeding combinations in Palworld.

How combined livestock farming works in Palworld

The player is looking at the Livestock Farm.Screenshot of Dot Esports

Before moving on to specific Jormuntide pairs, it is important to know the rules of breeding within Palworld. In terms of what Pal will hatch from an egg, there are only two rules that govern:

  • Friend A + Friend A = Friend A
    • Two parents of the same type will always produce one-third of that Pal.
  • Friend A + Friend B = Friend C
    • This is one of the strangest things. Breeding two different Pals will always have a fixed outcome, however, that outcome is rarely meaningful.

The second rule is what can lead to a lot of wasted time as you try to figure out the rhyme, reason, or pattern behind the combination. Pyrin Noct and Mozzarina will give you an Anubis egg when paired together in the breeding pen. It seems random and no amount of logic can help you estimate the results accurately.

Because of this, you cannot make reasonable assumptions when breeding Jormuntide. There are only two ways you can know what Jormuntide can create: check each combo or save time by checking the list Best Jormuntide couple IN Palworld.

Best friends to breed with Jormuntide in Palworld

Palworld screenshot showing a player carrying Jormuntide in front of a Livestock FarmHow else would you carry it? Screenshot of Dot Esports

Jormuntide is one of the higher level and rarer Pals in the Palworld, so it’s a little surprising that most pairings with Jormuntide result in extremely common offspring. There are really only a few select pairs that are worth it. People who are:

One parentParents twoOffspringJormuntideGrizzboltMenastingJormuntideLyleen NoctMenastingJormuntideHelzephyrMenastingJormuntideBeakonMenastingJormuntideShadowbeakHelzephyrJormuntidePaladiusHelzephyrJormuntideNecromusHelzephyrJormuntideJetragonHelzephyr

The strange thing is that no Jormuntide combination can produce Jormuntide Ignis. However, there is a breeding path using Jormuntide that leads to bigger and better things: Astegon. All you need to get started is a Suzaku, which is not too difficult to raise.

One parentParents twoOffspringJormuntideSuzakuSuzaku AquaJormuntideSuzaku AquaAstegon Palworld screenshot showing the Pal Statistics page for Astegon.Scientific rules. Screenshot of Dot Esports

If you ask me, this combination of Jormuntide and Suzaku Aqua is the best breeding result using Jormuntide as a parent, especially since Astegon is very difficult to obtain from breeding. You can get Anubis by breeding Jormuntide with either Dinossom, Digtoise or Kitsunhowever, Anubis is easy enough to get with lower level Pals that I don’t really consider these to be Jormuntide’s best pairings.