Blog - February 2, 2024

The best Jetragon breeding combination in Palworld

jet plane one of strongest creature fly over the land of Palworld. From incredible speed to powerful attacks and the ability to wreak havoc along with players, you’re bound to create some powerful descendants. when you breed this Pal with another one.

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If you’re tired of hunting for specific Friends, breeding is the next best way to get yourself new Friends. Palworld collection. It may require a specific set of buildings and a good amount of resources, but it will be worth it when you put everything together for the occasion.

jet plane is a legendary friend it also requires a lot of preparation as it puts up a brutal fight when you first try to catch it at its boss location in Obsidian Mountain. But once you add it to your collection, you can start creating your own legendary Pal line at home.

Jetragon’s best livestock combo in Palworld

Jetragon's Paldeck page in Palworld.Supersonic. Screenshot of Dot Esports

As indisputable Best flying mount IN Palworld, Jetragon is bound to produce some strong ones at your Breeding Barn. But you will need to discover which Pal is best suited for the legendary heavenly dragon. Here are some Best friends you can make with your Jetragon:

Jetragon CombinationThe result is PalJetragon + GoriratAnubisJetragon + BeegardeAnubisJetragon + Grintale MammorestJetragon + FrostallionCryolinxJetragon + JormuntideHelzephyrJetragon + BroncherryWumbo BotanJetragon + GrizzboltAstegonAs a top level Pal, there are many different combinations that you can try and in return you will get a Top level Pal. For example, there are various Pals that you can pair with Jetragon which will give you one AnubisThis is one of the best Ground Pals you should buy for your team, whether you keep it in your expedition party or at your base.

You can also create one Astagon, is one of the strongest Pals to fight due to the amount of damage it can deal to almost any enemy you encounter. Additionally, Astegon’s boss fight is a tricky one to tackle, and being able to skip this fight by breeding one at your base is a luxury many players won’t want to pass up.