Blog - February 2, 2024

The best Helzephyr breeding combination in Palworld

When you successfully obtain a rare Pal like HelzphyrYou don’t just unlock one of the best password organisms but also have many new reproductive opportunities. breed is a really easy way to unlock those elusive Pals, and Helzephyr is a great one to use for this process.

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All Pals have quite a few great breeding options you can use, so here they are Best Helzephyr breeding combination in Palworld.

The best friends to breed Helzephyr in Palworld

Paldeck page of Helzphyr in Palworld.This Pal is one of the most beautiful flying mounts. Screenshot of Dot Esports

If you already have Helzephyr for your Paldeck, you can make some pretty awesome breeding combinations using this Paldeck. These are all absolutes Best friends to breed with Helzephyr and what will be the results for the descendants in doing so.

One parentParents twoOffspringHelzephyrMossandaJormuntideHelzephyrFrostallionFrostallion NoctHelzephyrLovanderAnubisHelzephyrNitewingJormuntideHelzephyrGrintaleQuivernHelzephyrElizabeeMenastingHelzephyrLoupmoonAnubisHelzephyrMossanda LuxRelaxaurusHelzephyrFoxcicleWumpo BotanHelzephyrSweepaMammorest HelzephyrGumoss BlazehowlHelzephyrTombatKingpacaHelzephyrDirehowlBushi

With any of these pairings, breeding Helzephyr with another Pal works exactly the same.

  • Start by unlocking Farm.
    • You can purchase this at level 19 of the Tech Tree for two Tech Points.
  • Cook some Cake Put it in the box in front of the Farm.
    • You need a Pie for every livestock partnership you want to use. Cake can be made using 5 Flour, 8 Red Berries, 7 Milk, 8 Eggs and 2 Honey.
  • Entrust two friends to the Livestock Farm.
    • One Friend needs to be male and the other Friend needs to be female.

As long as you have followed all of these steps, a marker that says “Breed…” will appear on the pen. There’s no official timer for how long this process will take, but you can watch the circle around it fill up to get a general idea of ​​how long the process will take.

The player is looking at the Livestock Farm.Breeding usually doesn’t take too long. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Whether you choose to use Helzphyr as the male or female part of the breeding process will not affect the results. You can also feel free to try the same combination over and over again until you get offspring with the Passive Skill you’re looking for. Children usually inherit at least one passive Skill from their parents, but they can also get more, which means some breeding combinations will be more successful than others.

I was able to use the pair of Helzephyr and Mossanda to unlock my first Jormuntide, so you can also unlock a new item in your Paldeck using one of these powerful breeding combinations.