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The best guns for MW3 Zombies, listed

Weapons can be found in battle from loot crates, wall purchases, dead soldiers, or Mystery Boxes. For those brave enough to venture into Urzikstan’s red zone, here are our picks for Best gun to use in MW3 Zombies.

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The best MW3 Zombie weapons, listed

This list is based on the collective experience and playing hours of the Dot team CoD: MW3 Zombie. For almost every weapon on this list, visiting Pack-a-Punch stations and upgrading guns is essential.

If you want to Pack-a-Punch your guns as soon as possible, you’ll need to collect a lot of Essence. The fastest way to do that is to complete contracts and keep an eye on the Essence Containers. The cost of using Pack-a-Punch will increase as you enter more dangerous areas. It costs 5,000 Essence per weapon in low threat zones, 10,000 Essence in medium threat zones, and 15,000 Essence in high threat zones.

Best assault rifles in MW3 Zombies

SVA 545 MW3: ALL 545Is the default SVA 545 worth your time? Screenshot of Dot Esports

SVA 545 is the default weapon for MW3 Zombies are there for a reason. With its comfortable feel, easy-to-control recoil pattern, and usefulness in Pack-a-Punch upgrades, the SVA is a great weapon to invest in right from the start.

MCW MCW assault rifle in MW3.Oh trustworthy. Screenshot of Dot Esports

The MCW is a multiplayer favorite, so it’s no surprise that its adaptability, handling, accuracy, and recoil control are as reliable as those in Zombies.

FR 5.56 MW3: FR 5.56It only takes three bullets to destroy the FR 5.56. Screenshot of Dot Esports

The FR 5.56 is a versatile weapon for all ranges. It provides easy-to-manage hip firepower, along with the ability to kill mercenaries and zombies in extremely quick time to kill, especially with a single burst for low-level zombies. .

Best SMG in MW3 Zombies


HRM-9 SMG in MW3Welcome to the party. Screenshot of Dot Esports

HRM-9 is one of the newest supplements for MW3 arsenal and it immediately has a place in your Zombie arsenal. It has excellent damage at close range and a high rate of fire, making it a must-have for close range action—and it can also handle itself in mid-range engagements.


Screenshot of ISO 45, a new SMG in part four of MW2.Isolation and domination. Image via Activision

While it may not have the faster rate of fire among SMGs, the ISO-45’s high caliber bullets more than make up for it. Due to the level of damage these bullets cause, an additional equipment with recoil and range enhancing attachments will really maximize the effectiveness of this weapon in a Zombie battle.

WSP Group

Screenshot of a Call of Duty player examining the blue WSP-9 submachine gun in MW3.What’s the better tool to fight off a horde of zombies? Screenshot of Dot Esports

The WSP Swarm is loved by players in the community, with an even higher rate of fire and more damage at close range than the HRM-9. In terms of payload, you will definitely need to work on its recoil control and accuracy, but you will be very pleased with the end result.

Best pistols in MW3 Zombies: Lockwood 680

Lockwood 680 in MW3.Stack ’em up, knock ’em down. Screenshot of Dot Esports

With the right build, the Lockwood 680 is one of the most powerful weapons in Zombies. By adding a 12 Gauge Slug and modifications to maximize mobility, handling, and range, it can kill enemies from further away and kill zombies specifically. Actually

Tip: The 12 Gauge slug is a must have!

You will Actually want to make sure you use your 12 Gauge Slug and Pack-a-Punch Lockwood. After performing Pack-a-Punched, you will fire multiple bullets with each trigger pull. That’s a lot of awesome, powerful, zombie-tearing damage!

The best LMG in MW3 Zombie: Holger 26

MW3: Holger 26Ammo problem with Holger 26. Screenshot by Dot Esports

The Holger 26 is another great weapon for MW3 Zombies. You should use this weapon when you complete Eliminate Bonus Contract as you can continue to shoot targets for critical damage with its default 60-round magazine. Holger can easily kill multiple zombies in a row without the need for an Ammo Mod.

Best combat rifles in MW3 Zombies: BAS-B and MTZ-762

Safe bet, BAS-B. Screenshot of Dot EsportsA reasonable choice, MTZ-762. Screenshot of Dot Esports

BAS-B and MTZ-762 are great options for MW3 Zombie due to consistency and high damage. They offer portability and great range that others don’t. I recommend these weapons for close-range combat unless you’re good at dealing with recoil. Although you can fire off more ammo than usual, your ammo will easily replenish after killing enemies (as long as you run over their corpses to pick up items).

You can easily wipe out hordes of zombies, clear out mercenary groups, and take on some powerful, high-threat bosses as long as you Pack-a-Punch these battle rifles in throughout its implementation.

Best sniper rifles in MW3 Zombie: Long bow

MW3- LongbowUnderrated pick, Longbow. Screenshot of Dot Esports

The Longbow is an underrated weapon. It is very useful against Mercenary Camps and Strongholds, in addition to being able to destroy cysts inside Infected Strongholds and Aether Nests with a single bullet. This is the perfect weapon for those who only have two-plate armor, limited ammo, and armor plates. This requires a patient player who can clear the area and move to scan for supplies and ammo to replenish their Longbow.

If you want to use Longbow, you can pick it up at Ghalia Seaside Hotel. You need to beat the car Bosses in the area let this weapon drop as loot. Make sure you have a suitable assault rifle to use as a secondary,

Tip: Longbow is the sniper gun of choice in Zombies

Aside from the Longbow, there are very few viable sniper rifles to use in Zombies. To ensure your Longbow consistently gets one-hit kills, you’ll want to make sure it has at least a rare level of Rare (blue). And of course, Pack-a-Punching is also a great idea.

Best marksman rifles in MW3 Zombies: MCW 6.8

MW3: MCW 6.8Introducing the important shooter, MCW 6.8. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Due to its more accurate rate of fire, the MCW 6.8 is a great weapon for Pack-a-Punch and taking out higher level enemies in medium to high threat areas. It is best used from a distance, similar to a sniper rifle. With good mobility to support it, the MCW allows for easy repositioning against enemies trying to close in. MCW allows you to adjust to every enemy’s weakness and vitals, allowing you to stick to initial hits or aim for that critical damage.

Although its disadvantage is its slower rate of fire, you should not use this weapon with aggressive play. Play in mid to long range battles and reposition with your high secondary movement to gain the upper hand in the fight once again.

The most magical weapon in MW3 Zombie: Ray Gun and Wonder Weapon DG-2

Glorious Wunderwaffe. Screenshot of Dot EsportsRay Gun is unforgiving. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Of course, Wonder Weapons is definitely the best of the bunch MW3 Zombies. But their reproduction is extremely rare, and even if you get their permanent diagram, Cooldown 48 hours this time period prevents you from regularly using them in your deployment. But if you happen to own one of these weapons through a loot cache, a Mystery Box, or as a reward, make sure to keep it for life.

For those looking for Ray Gun or Wunderwaffe diagrams, Complete the contract and check the Reward Rift at high threat level (red area on the map). As for Wunderwaffe, you can too Complete the story mission Level Four, Act Three, Holdout.