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The best Gran and Djeeta builds in Granblue Fantasy Relink

Find the best Gran and Djeeta builds at Granblue Fantasy: Relinking Really not a difficult task. While you can use them primarily as story protagonists, they are great supports and healers, which is how I recommend building them for the endgame .

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If you’re wondering why I’m talking about Gran and Djeeta together, it’s because they basically have the same character in terms of playstyle and build. Your choices at the start of the game will determine who you get: Choose male and you will play as Mrs; choose female and you will get Djeeta. Aside from their appearance and gender, everything about them, including their playstyle and abilities, is identical. You can even swap between the two characters in character customization.

Build Gran and Djeeta support

Screenshot of Gran's character sheet in Granblue Fantasy: Relink A great support tool for Gran. Screenshot of Dot Esports. Screenshot of Gran's character sheet in Granblue Fantasy: RelinkA great support tool for Gran. Screenshot of Dot Esports. Screenshot of Gran's character sheet in Granblue Fantasy: RelinkA great support tool for Gran. Screenshot of Dot Esports.

Gran and Djeeta are great healers and supports Granblue Fantasy: Relinking, but they really start to excel in these roles as you advance towards the end of the game. Their most valuable support skills will be unlocked midway through Defense Mastery. Unlike characters that focus on damage, It’s best to focus on these defensive skills first against Gran and Djeeta’s attacks.

With their many defensive abilities, you can tailor their build to assist and support teammates or focus on weakening and countering enemies. Both approaches work well, so it depends on your playing style. Here is the full optimized build for Gran and Djeeta:


  • Sword of Eos, Gran and Djeeta’s Ascension Weapon, given to you in the Main Story. It has high HP and you don’t need to craft it. Be persistent until you can get their Terminus Weapon.

Main signs:

  • Health: Increases your HP to help you continue supporting your team.
  • Stable focus: Prevents interruptions in your charged attacks.
  • Low configuration: Makes enemies less likely to target you, keeping you safe.
  • Improves healing ability: Makes your healing skills stronger.
  • advanced: Fills your Skybound Arts gauge faster, which is important because you won’t fill it up as fast as annoying characters.

Conditional signs:

  • People hoarding drugs: Allows you to stay healthy during difficult times with Supplements.
  • Nimble attackt: Good if you dodge well, grants cooldown reduction and temporary invincibility after a perfect dodge.


  • panacea: Needed to heal your team.
  • Phalanx: Reduces the damage your teammates take, very useful when your healing skills are on cooldown.
  • Miserable fog: Reduces enemy attack and defense, especially useful during breaks and link times.
  • rage: Increases allies’ attack power, combines well with Mist of Misery for more damage.
  • Mask (situation): Protects against Debuffs, useful against effects like Burn or Frost.
  • Stalls (scenario): Slows fast-moving enemies.


  • Prioritize mastering defense. Choose paths that improve your healing and the effectiveness of your skills.