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The best Foxcicle breeding combination in Palworld

Crossing the frozen tundra is an admirable feat Palworldbut it is also a lucrative trip because these icy lands are also home to some rare Friends, such as the beautiful Foxcicle.

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This white and blue creature is usually high level and requires at least a Giga Sphere to catch, but once it has been caught, you will have a top Pal for breeding with many others to create an even stronger progeny. While you can achieve many different results when breeding Foxcicles, there are some rare Pals that you can create with the right pairings.

The following is Best breeding combination for Foxcicle if you’re prepared to get dressed and stay warm while hunting for this elusive Friend.

Best Foxcicle Breeding Combo in Palworld

Foxcicle's Paldeck page in PalworldIce queen. Screenshot of Dot Esports

The Foxcicle can only be found in one area of ​​the map, making it a rarer Pal species and can also give you some powerful descendants through breeding. These will be some of the combos you should focus on if you are looking to link your Foxcicle with another Friend.

Foxcicle combinationThe result is PalFoxcicle + LamballLunarisFoxcicle + PenkingBushiFoxcicle + RagnahawkAnubisFoxcicle + ReptyroIce ReptyroFoxcicle + OrserkSibelyxFoxcicle + GrizzboltWumbo BotanYes two outstanding breeding combinations in-game for Foxcicle: Pair it with Ragnahawk and Reptyro. When bonded with Ragnahawk, both will give an Egg with Anubis inside, giving you one of the rarest and most powerful Friends in the game. Ragnahawk can also be easily found near the volcano in the southwest area of ​​the map.

Ice Reptyro, on the other hand, is a unique elemental variant of Reptyro and can only be obtained through breeding specific Pals with fiery turtle-like creatures. Both creatures are difficult to obtain but not as difficult as the Alpha Pal battles, which means you can get this special version of this juggernaut in no time.