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The best Felbat breeding combination in Palworld

One of the scariest creatures found in the Palworld To be Felbat, a relatively large Pal that can become a valuable companion once captured. You can take it with you when traveling or Breed it with another Pal to spawn an even rarer offspring at your base.

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Felbat stalks from the shadows and is famous for its ability to catch prey with its large wings. It has a bright white mane and fur, making it relatively easy to spot when going on an adventure. As a Dark-type Friend, you can capture this creature with the help of some Dragon-type Friends, although you will need a large amount of firepower to weaken this Friend before Try to catch it to use at your base.

If you are brave enough to step into the darkness, Here it is Best breeding combination for Felbat.

Best Felbat breeding combo in Palworld

Felbat's Paldeck page in Palworld.Pay attention to the canines. Screenshot of Dot Esports.

Unless you’re willing to go north to the Azurobe Hill fast travel site to get to the Felbat Alpha Pal battle zone, you should find a wild Felbat in a dungeon such as the dungeon next to the Lake Center fast travel site . Once you capture this Pal, you can breed some of the highest level creatures in the comfort of your own base.

The Felbat combinationThe result is PalFelbat + FuddlerLunarisFelbat + CryolinxAnubisFelbat + FenglopeVerdashFelbat + GobfinVaeletFelbat + ElphidranPetalliaAlthough there are some epic-level Pals that can be obtained through breeding, such as Vaelet and Verdash, Felbat’s best combination lies with Cryolinx, Astegon, Orserk and Frostallion because they will all have Anubis eggs once the reproductive cycle is complete.

Anubis is one of the best Friends in the game and can be used at base with level four Crafting, level three Mining, and level two Transport. However, it is a very good choice to fight during your travels as it deals a lot of damage and can even dodge incoming enemy attacks with the Guardian Partner Skill. protect the sand.