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The best Curio farming mission in Granblue Fantasy Relink

Curiosities are the key to getting the most unique Emblems in Granblue Fantasy: Relinking. Some treasures inside Curios cannot be found through Sigil or Transmarvel Conversion, nor do they drop from missions. Therefore, raising Curios to get these items is inevitable.

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Every Curio has an equal chance to give you every item, including Legendary. It doesn’t matter if Curios comes from the Proud or Extreme mission; group of spoils when Zathba judges them to be the same. The secret to farming them is to choose the easiest and fastest quests that give you steady rewards. There is a mandate that fits this bill perfectly.

The best mission to raise Curios in Granblue Fantasy: Relinking

Screenshot of Granblue Fantasy: Relink showing the Assault Formation mission.It is really an easy task. Screenshot of Dot Esports.

Assault Formation on extreme difficulty is the best choice for farming Curios IN Granblue Fantasy: Relinking. It’s a quick, four-minute Survival mission full of level 80 enemies that are easy to defeat without having to worry about bosses. Additionally, you can use Full Support Mode for AFK farming in this Extreme mission.

What sets Assault Formation apart from other missions, like Slimepede on Maniac, is the ability to farm AFK while also collecting Scrap and Advanced Machine Units. These are great to redeem for Knickknack Coupons at Siero’s Shop, allowing you to participate in the game’s second gacha system, Transmute and Transmarvel Sigils. Therefore, Assault Formation gives you a lot of useful items to use both gacha systems, while Slimepede mainly offers Curios.

However, if you are looking to actively farm Curios and also want to earn Mastery Points then Slimepede is the best alternative as it gives twice as much MSP as Strike Formation. Choosing between the two really depends on your needs, although Strike Formation is often superior for general purposes.

Curio’s notable exclusivity markings

Screenshot of the Seal of Invulnerability in the player's inventory.A good utility sign. Screenshot of Dot Esports.

Here are some special Sigils that you can only find at Curios:

  • Crazy person: Increases damage but prevents you from dodging and defending.
  • Glass cannon: Significantly increases your damage but makes you dizzy more easily.
  • roll the dice: Sometimes causes your attacks to deal four times as much damage.
  • additional Damage: Increases damage beyond the damage limit.
  • Cannot touch: Makes ground dodging go further.
  • element of war: Makes all your attacks hit with the best element to deal more damage.