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The best crafting friends to craft in Palworld

Craft items in Palworld is critical to success, and having Pals do the hard work will allow you to focus on other tasks.

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Some friends started staying Palworld can help you when crafting, like Cattiva, Pengullet and Tanzee. But those friends, due to their many Working Skills, can easily find themselves distracted by other tasks, meaning more complex items will take longer to craft.

If you notice that the Friends currently at your base are taking too long to do their Crafting tasks, then getting one of these Friends can speed up the process.

  • All Handiwork Pals in Palworld, ranked by crafting skill
  • The best crafting buddy for crafting items in Palworld
  • Best late-game Handiwork Pals for crafting items in Palworld
  • Best early-game Handiwork Pals for crafting items in Palworld
  • Handiwork Pal the best single skill for crafting items in Palworld

All craft friends at PalworldRanked by crafting skill

Crafting is one of the most common Work Match traits you’ll find in the entire Paldeck. There are nearly 50 Friends—including Fusions—who can craft items at the Workbench, but some are simply better than others. Friends with higher Handiwork levels will craft at a faster rate than their lower level friends, so as you progress in the game you may want to replace the Friends you caught early in your playthrough with better friends.

Below is one Full list of all the friends in Palworld with Handiwork skills and their rank, as well as the rank we have assigned them.

Friends’ namesCraft levelTier rankingAnubisFourth levelSLyleenHigh schoolAVerdashHigh schoolAWixenHigh schoolALunarisHigh schoolAGrizzboltSecond schoolBPetalliaMiddle schoolBVaeletMiddle schoolBKatressMiddle schoolBlovanderSecond levelBElizabeeSecond levelBRobinquillSecond levelBLoupmoonSecond levelBIncineramSecond levelBPenkingMiddle levelBMossandaMiddle levelBWumpo BotanMiddle schoolBWumpoSecond levelBA stegonLevel oneCQuivernLevel oneCWarsectLevel oneCCryolinxLevel oneCBushiLevel oneCFlambelleLevel oneCBeegardeLevel oneCGoriratLevel oneCDazziLevel oneCleezpunkLevel oneCRibunnyLevel oneChangyuLevel oneCGobfinLevel oneCBristlaLevel oneCFlopieLevel oneCFuddlerLevel oneCDaedreamLevel oneCDepressoLevel oneCPengulletLevel oneCTan zeeLevel oneCS parkitLevel oneCFuackLevel oneCLifmunkLevel oneCCattivaLevel oneClamballLevel oneC

The best crafting friend for crafting items in Palworld

Anubis statistics screen in PalworldThe ultimate handyman. Screenshot of Dot Esports


Anubis is the best Handiwork Pal for crafting items in Palworld because it boasts a level four Handiwork, making this particular Pal a monster when you have a lot of items to craft. But catching Anubis is not easy and requires a lot of preparation, which is why many players choose to breed Anubis instead.

While Anubis also has Abilities suitable for work at Transport level two and Mining level three, in our experience crafting is always prioritized for Friends at base and they will immediately immediately drop any tasks they are currently working on to help. However, that means that when you’re not crafting, Anubis still helps in many ways.

  • Element: Land
  • Partner skills: Guardian of the desert
  • Job suitability: Manual work (fourth level), Mining (third level), Transportation (second level)
  • Drops may occur: Bones, Big Pal Soul, Innovative Technical Manual
  • Starvation: June 10

Best late-game Handiwork Pals for crafting items in Palworld


Grass rabbit. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Verdash is another great Friend to contact when you need to do crafting at your base in Palworld and has many other job-appropriate Capabilities, making it a comprehensive support tool that can help things run smoothly.

Whenever crafting is needed, Verdash and other friends with Abilities suited to crafting will gather to help. But when there are no crafting quests to complete, Verdash can engage in farming, logging, transportation, and gathering.

  • Element: Grass
  • Partner skills: Grassland speed racing car
  • Job suitability: Crafts (high school), Cultivation (second school), Transportation (second school), Wood chopping (second school), Harvesting (high school)
  • Drops may occur: Bones, Skin
  • Starvation: March 10

Lunar calendar

Please give me a hand. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Lunaris is another strong Pal for Handiwork but is difficult to catch as it can only be found in one location and is a level 32 boss fight, so this is not a Pal you can add to your collection yours immediately.

While Lunaris is capable of helping with other tasks at your base, its job-appropriate Abilities for transportation and gathering are both only level one, so there are often other Pals that are more suitable . However, if you need crafting support, Lunaris is the perfect choice.

  • Element: Neutral
  • Partner skills: Anti-gravity
  • Job suitability: Craft work (third level), Gathering (first level), Transport (first level)
  • Drops may occur: Paldium Fragment
  • Starvation: 2/10


Lord of the foxes. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Wixen is a great Pal to work with at your facility because it only has a few Abilities that are relevant to the job, meaning it’s less likely to get distracted, and two of them are only performed when prompted. request, so it will focus more on the tasks you need.

When not helping with Crafting, Vixen will focus on Transporting items to chests with a level two Transport Job Suitability and is also available to help with any Kindling requests you have. But like Handiwork, this will only happen when you have tasks set manually.

  • Element: Fire
  • Partner skills: Lord Fox
  • Job suitability: Burning (second level), Manual work (third level), Transportation (second level)
  • Drops may occur: Flame Organ, Premium Technical Manual
  • Starvation: 5/10

Best early-game Handiwork Pals for crafting items in Palworld

If you are not familiar with it Palworld, you’ll need early-game Handiwork Pals that can get the job done and are easy to catch. The The best crafting friends you can catch early Palworld To be:

  • baseball
  • Bad
  • lizard
  • baseball

    Feeling embarrassed. Screenshot of Dot Esports

    Lamball shares the top spot with Cattiva because it appears where the player first starts the match. Palworld trip. It’s also one of the easiest Pals to catch, so you won’t need to waste the Pal Sphere adding it to your party.

    It also has levels for Transport and Farming, which means if there’s nothing to craft on your base, it can help you with some other work.

    • Element: Neutral
    • Partner skills: Soft shield
    • Job suitability: Manual work (first level), Transportation (first level), Farming (first level)
    • Drops may occur: Wool, Lamball
    • Starvation: 2/10


    A helpful crew member. Screenshot of Dot Esports.

    Like Lamball, Cattiva is found early in the starting area and has a lower catch rate than other Paldecks. It appears quite often near the first fast travel point, and its low level means you won’t have any trouble defeating it.

    Cattiva also boasts mining suitability, making it a useful friend to have. It can ensure you get enough of those Gems to build important items as you level up your base.

    • Element: Neutral
    • Partner skills: Soft shield
    • Job suitability: Manual work (first level), Transportation (first level), Farming (first level)
    • Drops may occur: Wool, Lamball
    • Starvation: 2/10


    Get a new leaf. Screenshot of Dot Esports

    Lifmunk does more than just manual work. It also boasts Farming, Logging, and Gathering abilities. This is also one of the few Friends with the Suitable Ability for Potion Making, allowing the Friend to make potions while you are away.

    You can find Lifmunk early, but not as early as Lamball or Cattiva. We found our first Lifmunk in between the Rayne Syndicate Tower Entrance and the Fort Ruins fast travel locations.

    • Element: Grass
    • Partner skills: Lifmunk snaps back
    • Job suitability: Crafts (first level), Cultivation (first level), Woodworking (first level), Medicine production (first level), Harvesting (first level)
    • Drops may occur: Berry County, Low Grade Medical Supplies
    • Starvation: 1/10

    Handiwork Pal the best single skill for crafting items in Palworld

    full moon

    Loupmoon's complete Paldeck page in Palworld.Essential crafter. Screenshot of Dot Esports

    Loupmoon is the only Pal in all of Palworld that only has Handiwork skills, making them essential for crafting items at a rapid rate at your base. While other Pals may be distracted, this single skill Pal will not leave the desk or assembly line (except to rest or go to sleep).

    • Element: Dark
    • Partner skills: Claws glitter in the dark
    • Job suitability: Craft work Lv2
    • Drops may occur: Bone
    • Starvation: 5/10