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The best coasters in Enshrouded, ranked

Gliders are extremely useful in Cover. In a world where exploration is key, being able to move faster, cross gaps, and reach areas that are difficult to reach on foot is paramount.

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Once you’ve unlocked the Glider and built your first Glider, you’ll be able to upgrade them by crafting enhanced versions. Better Gliders have more speed and range, and there aren’t as many Clear Glider options Coverso it’s easy to determine which one is best.

Typically, you’ll upgrade your Glider gradually by exploring more areas and increasing your level, similar to Grappling Hooks. If you want, you can specifically look up the best one and get it earlier in your journey, which will give you an advantage when exploring the lands of Cover.

All roller coasters in Coverranked

Players look toward the Shroud and the Carpenter's Vault.You need a carpenter. Screenshot of Dot Esports

There are only four coasters in Cover, so choosing the best one is not too difficult. Their recipes are quite similar: You need Shroud Wood and Rope for all of them, in addition to a few other ingredients. Here is a list of all the roller coasters in Cover In order of how good they are and how to get them.

4) Glider

Items needed to craft glider and EnshroudedLoot and chop glider crafting items. Screenshot via Dot Esports

The basic roller coaster is the worst you can get, but it’s easy to get there early in your journey because the documents you need are in a fairly accessible area. It has the lowest range (100 percent) and speed (10) of all gliders.

ItemRecipeGliderx8 wooden case
x3 Fur
Chain x2
x2 Coated spores

3) Advanced roller coaster

ItemRecipeAdvanced Gliderx6 coated wood
linen x4
Chain x4
Shroud cloth bag x8

The Enhanced Coaster is the first Upgraded Coaster you can get, but it’s still among the worst coasters on the list. It has better speed and range but is still lower than other Gliders. Advanced Glider has 15 speed and 150% range. You can get it after unlocking the Carpenter and it requires resources from Revelwoods.

2) Extraordinary roller coaster

ItemRecipeSpecial Gliderx4 shroud
x2 Leather
linen x2
Alchemy base x4

The Special Glider is five times faster and has 50% more range than the Enhanced Glider, so it’s the second best Glider you can get. You also need to craft it through Carpenter. You will need the Tanning Station, however, as it is a bit more advanced than the previous two Gliders.

1) Ghost coaster

ItemRecipeGhost Gliderx3 Wooden Shroud
Fabric x2
Coating oil x4
A sulfur
a string

This is the best coaster in the game. You can move at very high speeds with it and quickly get away from Ancient Spiers and Elixir Wells. It has a whopping 25 speed and 250 percent range. You can craft it or find the Ghost Glider in the Sun Temple. The second method allows you to get it sooner but still requires a bit of effort.