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The best Black Swan decks in Marvel Snap

Marvel SnapBlack Order’s February season revolves around Mad Titan Thanos and his trusted minions. Amidst the hype, Black Swan debuted as the latest season pass.

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The Black Swan can fly, release energy beams from his eyes, speaks multiple languages, and has access to some of the universe’s most advanced technology. She also has superhuman strength and telepathic abilities, making her one of Thanos’ most powerful allies. IN Marvel Snapshe has a thematic ability that aids Thanos in his missions.

Here are the best Black Swan decks Marvel Snap.

Marvel Snap The Black Swan’s abilities, explained

Black Swan is a three-of-a-kind, five-of-power card. Her ability is: “When revealed: Until the end of your next turn, your 1-cost cards cost 0.” Because of this ability, you should use Black Swan in decks that use a lot of one-cost units to minimize it.

Black Swan cardShe is not your ordinary girl, she is a member of the Black Order. Screenshot of Dot Esports

You can get Black Swan as a February season pass, meaning she will only be available if you get the season pass for $9.99 or you buy the Premium+ version for $14.99.

Best strategies and combos for clear Black Swan decks Marvel Snap

It’s no surprise that Black Swan works so well in Thanos themed deck of cards. The six Infinity Stones Thanos gives your deck some value, and making them costless with Black Swan can help you save mana for other cards while also enjoying the benefits of the Infinity Stones bring. Black Swan is like a revival of the Quinjet and Lockhaw strategy with Thanos because the inexpensive Infinity Stones are the best sacrifice for Lockjaw’s card switching ability.

In addition to Thanos decks, decks that use a lot of one-cost cards like the Ka-Zaar Zoo engine can be supported by Black Swan. The power boost added by Ka-Zaar to your cost cards can create immense Power potential for your faction. Return decks that use one-cost cards can also be a good home for Black Swans, especially if you have one-cost cards with spammable Reveal abilities.

The best Grandmaster decks in Marvel Snap

Thanos Lockjaw

The Marvel Snap deck includes Psylocke, Black Swan, Lockjaw, Mobius M. Mobius, Caiera, Shang-Chi, Devil Dinosaur, Vision, Blob, Thanos, Skaar and Magneto.Another member of the Black Order is finally with the Mad Titan in Marvel Snap Screenshot via

As mentioned, Black Swan is best used in Thanos decks, where the Infinity Stones play an important role in helping you gain advantage as the primary target for Lockjaw’s card switching ability.

The Six Stones provide a variety of effects, including bonus mana, inflicting negative Power on your opponent’s cards, changing position, moving and drawing cards, etc. Use Black Swan to pave the way for multiple Infinity Stones can help you win the game thanks to these small advantages.

The massive sources of Power you’re looking for in this deck include Demon Dinosaur (which gets an additional two Power for each card in your hand), Vision (for movement), Blob (for becoming a source of massive Strength instantly), Skaar (to lower its power). cost while retaining its Power) and Magneto (to disrupt your opponent’s setup by moving their three- and four-cost cards). Shang-Chi and Jeff the Baby Land Shark are there for added control.

Win the condition card for this deck

You may consider taking the cards if most of these cards appear in your hand:

  • jaw lock
  • Demon dinosaur
  • Beach
  • Skaar
  • magnet
  • Jeff the little land shark
  • Thuong Chi

Lockjaw’s interaction with the Infinity Stones is the main offensive engine of this deck. So, always prioritize playing Lockjaw, especially if you have at least two Infinity Stones.

Devil Dinosaur, Blob, and Skaar are your steady sources of Strength in addition to Thanos. As for Magneto, its potential disruption can be huge for your side, especially if your opponent plays three- and four-cost cards on their position.

Ka-Zar Zoo

The Marvel Snap deck includes Ant-Man, Hawkeye, Nico Minoru, Nightcrawler, Dazzler, Black Swan, Shanna, Caiera, Ka-Zar, Blue Marvel, Vakyrie and Onslaught,.Take a look at the heart of an expense tag Screenshot via

This Ka-Zar Zoo deck has a fairly simple mechanic, which is to play and scatter single-denomination cards that will be enhanced by Ka-Zar and Blue Marvel.

Some one-cost cards you can use in this deck are Ant-Man and Hawkeye (cheap cards), Nico Minoru (for a toolbox of effects), and Nightcrawler (for movement). For Shanna, it can give you three random one-cost cards that can help flood the board.

Complete the deck with Dazzler, which can get more Power for each of your full positions, and Onslaught, which can double the Ongoing effects of both Ka-Zar and Blue Marvel, increasing their power grow larger in the process.

Win the condition card for this deck

The win condition cards for this deck are:

  • Ka-Zar
  • Magical blue
  • fierce attack
  • Ant Man
  • dazzle
  • Valkyrie
  • Nightcrawler

Ka-Zar and Blue Marvel are the main power-ups of this deck. Always aim to play both of these at all times as they provide an overall attack engine for your one-cost cards. The onslaught could then make their reinforcement even more dangerous.

How to counter the Black Swan deck in Marvel Snap

Black Swan has the On Display effect, making it vulnerable to Cosmo. Always keep an eye out for the space dog, whether from your side or your opponent’s, to ensure Black Swan’s Unraveling ability is resolved.

Regarding Black Swan’s ability to reduce costs, Mobius M. Mobius is also a direct competitor because of its ability to prevent card cost reductions.

Is Black Swan worth joining Marvel Snap?

To be honest, Black Swan’s abilities are very limited in the scope of what it can do. The fact that its effect only supports one-cost cards makes it a one-way unit. However, the presence of one-cost cards in the majority of decks makes Black Swan a card worth getting into. Marvel Snap.

Thanos decks have been at the top of the meta for a while, especially with how the Infinity Stones are useful in a variety of situations thanks to their effect toolbox. One-cost cards are also important in other meta decks like Destruction and Return, so Black Swan’s ability can work in many places and maximize player creativity .