Blog - February 6, 2024

The best Azurobe breeding combination in Palworld

Breeding is the best way to go if you want to expand your collection of Friends in Palworld. The best Azurobe breeding combinations can yield some great results.

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Azurobe is not the easiest Pal to capture Palworld because you will have to fight Alpha Azurobe or breed one to get it. But the hard work is worth it because you can use the best Azurobe breeding combinations to strengthen your Friends.

Palworld There are thousands of possible breeding combinations, but we’ve cut the fat and provided the best Azurobe breeding combinations to make your life easier.

The best friends to breed with Azurobe in Palworld

Azurobe's Paldeck page in Palworld.Majestic. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Thousands of breeding combinations in Palworld it seems difficult, but all the pairings have now been identified, so you can use Azurobe in breeding to get a certain Pal when paired with the right partner.

Our selection of the 10 best Azurobe breeding combinations includes Pals that are hard to obtain in the wild, which can provide a huge boost to your base or can be used to breed yourself to Get even stronger Pals.

One parentParents twoOffspringAzurobeLamballFenglopeAzurobeTanzeeReindrixAzurobeTeafantVerdashAzurobeNoxDigtoiseAzurobeMossandaWumpoAzurobeIncineramElphidranAzurobeVanwyrmAnubisAzurobeSibelyxWumpo BotanAzurobePenkingGrintaleAzurobeDepressoLovander

When using any of the best Azurobe breeding combinations, it does not matter whether the Azurobe is male or female in the pair. But I recommend rotating a few Azurobes during breeding to get the best passive Skills for the offspring.

Azurobe can be used in many other livestock combinations in Palworld. However, our best picks include Friends that can be useful in a variety of situations and some of the world’s most elusive friends.