Reviews - February 5, 2024

The 47mm Galaxy Watch 6 Classic was in the spotlight at Walmart. Buy now with 27% discount

Remember that awesome Best Buy deal on the 43mm Galaxy Watch 6 Classic we told you about a week ago? In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, both the 4G and Bluetooth-only models are 15-18% off at Best Buy (and the discounts are still going on!). Today, Walmart seems to have decided to join in on the fun with a groundbreaking discount on larger models without cellular connectivity. For context, the Samsung watch with a 47mm case and Bluetooth now sees a very rare $115 price cut in stores. . This discount essentially brings the smartwatch’s price to just over $310. Considering one of the best Android smartwatches usually sells for $429.99, this is a great deal!

This bad boy is the total package. Lots of smarts packed into great packaging. Not only does this puppy look great with the iconic rotating bezel that some users missed on the Watch 5 series, but it also features sapphire crystal glass protection to keep your beautiful screen scratch-free!

As mentioned earlier, this watch isn’t just about looks. This watch is equipped with all the latest features that Samsung’s wearable technology has to offer. When you wear the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic on your wrist, you get custom heart rate zones, fall detection, improved sleep tracking and coaching, an improved BIA sensor, and more.

Don’t take out your Samsung watch when you jump into a workout routine and keep reaching your goals. Like most traditional smartwatches, this watch has an automatic exercise tracking feature that automatically detects different forms of exercise. So you don’t have to worry about losing valuable performance information during your evening run. Naturally, you can also manually track activities (over 90).

The Apple Watch Series 8 alternative for Android users also offers decent battery life. Despite being an incredibly feature-packed watch, it can usually be used for over 36 hours on a single charge. By comparison, Apple’s smartwatch offers about half that.